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September 29, 2010 08:07 ET

Busted Budget and Broken Economy Leaves Arizona in Crisis; David Smith Is Preparing for a Head On Collision With the Capital

PHOENIX, AZ--(Marketwire - September 29, 2010) -  Conservative Republican David Burnell Smith, a candidate for Arizona State Legislature District Seven on Nov. 2nd, speaks out about Arizona and goes on record saying, "Arizona is in financial crisis!" With a busted budget and a broken economy, Arizona has decided to sell up to 32 state and capital buildings to cover a $3 billion deficit.

Arizona officials say the sales would inject $300-$700 million into the state this year. "What they wouldn't tell you is the lease payments over two decades, will equate to at least $1.2 billion costing taxpayers far more in the long run," said David Smith.

Smith says: "Short-term fixes, like selling state buildings, with long-term effects on the taxpayers only delay the inevitable. It's comparable to putting a band-aid over a large laceration on your wrist. It might slow the bleeding, but the inevitable is still coming. Slowing the bleeding does not save the sovereignty of this great state."

Once elected to the Arizona State Legislature for District Seven on Nov. 2, 2010, conservative David Smith has a plan for a head on collision with the capital. One that includes finding solutions to stop the bleeding, not prolong it.

Smith says: "We need to create solutions for the problems at hand, solutions that will begin to lead Arizona in the right direction. The budget and the economy are synonymous; you can't talk about one without the other. The biggest problems our budget faces are in the areas of taxation, illegal immigration, crime, healthcare and education. These are exactly the areas I plan on addressing first."

The difference between Arizona's spending versus revenues is upwards of $2.2 billion, and that is after Arizona passed a one cent sales tax increase in May 2010. This tax increase is expected to generate $918 million in its first year. "Arizona is cutting corners and trying to take the easy way out, they aren't attacking the serious issues head on, and I will change this," Smith said.

Conservative Republican David Burnell Smith is running for Arizona State Legislature District Seven on Nov. 2nd to help turn Arizona around. Follow David's campaign and hear his viewpoints on his Facebook page.

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