January 08, 2013 09:00 ET

Butterfield Fulcrum Introduces Investor Transparency Reporting

NEW YORK, NY--(Marketwire - January 08, 2013) -  Butterfield Fulcrum, a leading independent hedge fund administrator and service provider to the alternative investment industry, has announced the launch of Investor Transparency Reporting, a new product and service offering. Investor Transparency Reporting (also known as Administrator Transparency Reporting) gives hedge fund investors visibility into the fund's portfolio investments while maintaining the investment manager's desire for confidentiality surrounding their portfolio management strategy.

Investor Transparency Reporting is generated from data derived as part of the net asset value calculation process. Addressing key concern areas, this industry-standard report independently confirms; Asset and Liability Existence through reconciliation to broker/custodian/bank reporting, Price verification by confirming the portfolio pricing to independent third party sources, Counterparty Exposure by confirming/listing percentage of assets held at each broker/custodian/bank and Portfolio Liquidity via FAS 157 level classifications.

"The financial crisis impacted the hedge fund industry, managers, and investors on many levels. Many changes are occurring today to deal with the systematic, structural and oversight issues identified in the fallout," said Chris Mulhern, COO and President of Butterfield Fulcrum. "Of extreme importance, especially to the institutional investor, is creating a conduit for better transparency into the fund investments than had historically been provided. Butterfield Fulcrum's Investor Transparency Report satisfies this demand, giving independently verified portfolio data to a degree both the manager and investor are comfortable with."

These reports will be available to investors of Butterfield Fulcrum administered funds starting January 1st, 2013. Investor Transparency Reporting takes the information generated during the net asset value calculation process and summarizes it into a two-page report. The report will also be available via FIRST, Butterfield Fulcrum's web reporting portal.

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Butterfield Fulcrum is a top five independent fund administrator providing Real Time NAV reporting to over 850 alternative funds around the globe. By providing end-to-end processing for front, middle and back office functions, virtually any strategy and structure is supported by an extensive fault tolerant IT infrastructure. By constantly investing in people, technology and processes, the company maintains a leading presence in the alternative fund marketplace. 

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