October 13, 2010 09:00 ET

Butterfinger Rules for Trick-or-Treaters: NetBase Brand Passion Index Reveals Halloween Candy Favorites

Most Traditional Candy of Halloween Least Loved by Consumers According to Thousands of Social Media Conversations

MOUNTAIN VIEW, CA--(Marketwire - October 13, 2010) - NetBase, the Insight Discovery company, today announced the latest Brand Passion Index, which measures consumer insights around popular candy brands Nestlé's Butterfinger, Brach's Candy Corn, Hershey's Kit-Kat, Reese's Peanut Butter Cup, and Mars' Snickers for Halloween. Butterfinger was associated with the most positive passionate feelings, according to NetBase's ConsumerBase tool which surfaces emotions and passion levels associated with brands using Natural Language Processing technology.

Among the five brands analyzed in ConsumerBase from a number of online sources (public internet and social media) between Oct. 1, 2009 and Sept. 30, 2010, Snickers was the most talked about candy brand. Surprisingly, Candy Corn was the most polarized brand and generated the most negative feelings from consumers.

With 70 percent of its total conversations associated with "love" feelings, Butterfinger generated the most positive emotions of the five candy brands. Conversations referenced its great taste and recognized Butterfinger for its effective use of social media:

"Butterfinger is my all-time favorite candy bar!"

"My definition of food is Butterfinger candy bars."

"Butterfinger has one of the largest Facebook fan pages for a confections brand, with more than 500,000 Facebook users connected to the beloved candy bar."

Snickers received the highest volume of total conversations with 50 percent of those included in this index. In those conversations, consumers referenced its historic legacy. The popular candy bar was also associated with energy and wellness, which reflects Snickers' popular advertising campaign from the 1980s:

"Snickers is the best-selling candy bar of all time, largely because it has been popular ever since its introduction in 1930."

"Snickers is the most popular candy bar in America, due in part to advertising that highlighted its healthful aspects."

"I like Mars and Snickers, preferably Snickers because they [Mars and Snickers] give me an energy boost."

While Candy Corn is synonymous with Halloween and trick-or-treaters, conversations cite less enthusiasm than other candy favorites. While purchased for its festive colors and long-term affiliation with Halloween, emotions expressed for the candy by consumers are divided. The confection is considered by many more trick than treat:

"Halloween isn't Halloween without candy corn!"

"Other than simply 'sugar', candy corn doesn't seem to have any flavor to me."

"Although regular candy corn is most popular at Halloween, it is available year-round."

Using the Brand Passion Index

From golf clubs to movies, and from beer to candy, online consumers share passionate opinions and potential behaviors about brands. NetBase measures the intensity of consumer feelings for brands expressed in social media. Using high precision measures across a spectrum of emotions -- love, like, dislike and hate -- the ConsumerBase tool helps marketers, researchers, product developers and others focused on consumer sales and satisfaction surface the emotions and behaviors associated with brands, and turn those insights into highly actionable results. The Brand Passion Index can be used as an informative way to benchmark companies across brands, as well as help companies understand not only the intensity of passion consumers have, but more importantly why consumers feel the way they do about the brand.

Each month, the Brand Passion Index analyzes consumer passion for brands in various categories and publishes the results on the NetBase Hot Topics blog. To generate the Index, ConsumerBase reads online conversations and extracts the meaning while capturing the intensity of emotions that consumers express about a brand. The combination of passion intensity and amount of chatter determines the consumer emotional involvement level in each brand.

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