BUY-A-NET Malaria Prevention Group

BUY-A-NET Malaria Prevention Group

October 15, 2007 08:00 ET

BUY-A-NET Malaria Prevention Group Announces Canadian Partner

Canadian paediatricians join the fight against malaria

KINGSTON, ONTARIO--(Marketwire - Oct. 15, 2007) - Debra Lefebvre, Founder of BUY-A-NET Malaria Prevention Group (BAN), today announced their Canadian partner, Healthy Child Uganda (HCU), an initiative spearheaded by Canadian paediatrician, Dr. Jenn Brenner. Through HCU's community-based network in Uganda, BAN will provide 10,000 nets for distribution to children and pregnant women in HCU's 174 project village sites.

Established in 2004, the BUY-A-NET campaign is the first Canadian grassroots citizen driven initiative, which raises funds for the procurement of long lasting insecticide treated bed nets and anti-malaria medicine. In partnership with community based groups, the nets are distributed "one village at a time", free-of-charge. With the slogan, $6 Bucks, BUY-A-NET, Save a Life, BUY-A-NET'S only goal is to prevent the most vulnerable groups who are children under five years old and pregnant women, from dying of malaria.

Healthy Child Uganda (HCU) is a partnership between Canadian paediatricians and a Ugandan team in southwestern Uganda, led by Canadian paediatrician, Dr. Jenn Brenner, and endorsed by the Canadian Paediatric Society. HCU is a community based partnership that works with local citizens in Uganda to identify and solve problems that most impact their children's health.

"We are very pleased with this innovative partnership where Canadians, together with Ugandans, are waging the war on malaria. Malaria is the leading killer of children in HCU's project sites, and yet only 1 percent of children under five sleeps under a bed net," said Lefebvre, Founder of BUY-A-NET Malaria Prevention Group. "Malaria is preventable and 100% treatable. Nobody - absolutely nobody - need die from malaria. Through HCU's very organized community-based network, together with volunteers from BUY-A-NET Malaria Prevention Group, 10,000 nets will be distributed to children and pregnant women in November.

"Healthy Child Uganda is very happy to be able to respond to community needs in this way. Families have shown us their desire, a really intense commitment to child health improvement. To be able to go beyond training and small health initiatives, to enabling families to make real change in their children's health is so rewarding," said Erin Kiley, HCU Project Co-ordinator. "This initiative will empower families to overcome financial barriers to malaria prevention and allow them to keep their children safe from this deadly and debilitating disease. We are hopeful that great things will come out of this partnership."

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