October 20, 2016 03:00 ET

Buyers Warned to Take G2 Crowd Rankings with a Grain of Salt

SANTA FE, NM--(Marketwired - October 20, 2016) -, an online platform for transparent software rankings, has released an online comparison between their platform and G2 Crowd, a competing software review platform. The published comparison outlines various aspects of each platform which differ from one another providing buyers and providers insight into how software are selected to be featured on each platform.

The comparison exposes the "pay for play" nature of review sites similar to G2 Crowd as well as the very nature of how G2 Crowd accepts advertising revenue. G2 Crowd purports to use client reviews to determine placement within their Grid. However, G2 Crowd has a non-standardized pricing model for software companies wishing to use it as a lead generation tool. Software companies can be asked to pay from $500 to $10k on a monthly basis, based on the size of the company. This variation in pricing creates an unrealized bias towards favoring those that pay more. The chances of favoring HubSpot over a smaller marketing automation tool on its recommendation grid are far higher simply based on the spend levels that HubSpot engages in with G2.

"To me a company should be able to rank number one without paying a dime to a recommendation service," says CEO Jeev Trika. "The placement of a company in a recommendation service should not be tied to how deep their wallets are. Also, transparency is key, in my opinion I believe G2 lacks significant transparency. I remember reading Matt Gorniak the head of G2 Crowd operations correctly identify the issue with the Gartner grid for its lack of transparency and usage of dots. So what does G2 do? It replicates the issue with the G2 Crowd Grid, again giving very little transparency on how such companies achieved such dots on such a grid. To me G2 Crowd is highly biased and lacks transparency and doesn't do those looking for software the justice they deserve in getting unbiased recommendations."

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