June 12, 2006 08:00 ET

buySAFE Impact Study Proves Bonding Increases Buyer Conversion, Revenues and Profits for Online Retailers

A/B Testing of 188 Internet Merchants Shows Selling Bonded Items Provides Merchants an Additional $5.50 in Profit for Every Dollar Spent With buySAFE*

ARLINGTON, VA -- (MARKET WIRE) -- June 12, 2006 -- buySAFE, Inc. (, the leading online trust and safety company for e-commerce transactions, today released results of the buySAFE Impact Study, an ongoing testing process that quantitatively measures how buySAFE Bonding impacts the eBay businesses of its customers. The study used standard A/B testing methodology in which buySAFE randomly placed the buySAFE Seal on approximately half of a merchant's eBay listings, while the other half of the listings were left unchanged. The buySAFE Seal tells online shoppers the seller is reliable and trustworthy, and that their purchases are guaranteed with a surety bond from Liberty Mutual at no cost to the buyer.

The study analyzed 1.6 million item listings from 188 Internet retailers. Results included:

--  the visitor-to-buyer conversion rate of Bonded Items was 2.1 percent
    higher than that of non-Bonded items
--  Bonded Items received 4.7 percent higher prices than non-Bonded items
--  Overall, using buySAFE increased revenues by 6.8 percent
--  buySAFE impacted both high and low-end product sales. For example, in
    the high-end jewelry category, Bonded Items saw the average sales price
    increase 40 percent. In the lower-end camera and photography accessory
    category, Bonded Items saw an increase in the average sales price of nine
"buySAFE increased both my sell-through rate and the overall price of items sold during a 30-day period, which had a major impact on my monthly sales revenue," said Michael Jansma, CEO, Gemaffair. "The A/B testing demonstrated that consumers trust the buySAFE Seal and feel more confident buying from a Bonded Seller. We anticipate that using buySAFE will continue to help us turn online browsers into buyers."

"We've run this program for eight months now, and each month the ROI that our merchants see has continued to improve. In May, for example, sellers realized a 550% return on their investment with buySAFE. Bonding items is a clear win for merchants," said Jeff Grass, CEO, buySAFE.

Continued Grass: "The buySAFE Impact Test demonstrates what we knew all along: consumers who trust are consumers who buy. buySAFE helps online retailers offer a virtually risk-free shopping experience to consumers by providing a trust signal and a broad guarantee -- something no other company can do."


buySAFE, Inc. helps to create a safe and stress-free online shopping environment through Bonded Shopping™ -- the only program that qualifies merchants, identifies reputable online businesses with the buySAFE Seal, and uses surety bonds to provide broad protection for individual buyers from online transaction risks. buySAFE also benefits online merchants by increasing trust and confidence with their shoppers, thereby increasing profit opportunities. There are currently more than 2.5 million items bonded with buySAFE that can be found at buySAFE is headquartered in Arlington, Virginia. More information can be found at

* Data from May 1 - June 5, 2006

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