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October 31, 2011 14:46 ET

Bye Bye Bingo Hello Thingo!

George at Asda Launches the 'Thingo' to Help Banish Women's Bingo Wings

- Over 50% of women surveyed admit to being unhappy with their upper arms

- 69% of women conceal their upper arms by covering up at all times

- Jennifer Aniston, Michelle Obama and Kate Middleton win the celebrity arm poll

- 61% of women desire a more shapely waist like Kelly Brook

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM--(Marketwire - Oct. 31, 2011) - George has today answered the calls of the nation's women to help cheat their way to the perfect arms and stomach with the launch of the 'Thingo' – an innovative top which sculpts those bingo wings and muffin tops.

In response to demand for an 'all in one solution' for problem areas, the Body Sculpt Control Top, designed to slim women's upper arms and stomach has been created following recent research indicating that a growing number of women, both young and old are unhappy with their arms and torso areas.

The control top designed to target both areas at once will feed demand from shoppers for a female version of the male 'Body Sculpt Vest' (also known as the 'Moob Tube') which sold out online in a matter of minutes after its launch in October 2009. The recent launch of an expensive bingo wing 'shrug' by Mary Portas into the brand's range of womens clothing has also prompted Asda customers to demand a more affordable solution to their upper arm issues, so George's £9 Thingo comes at just the right time at more than half the price of its more expensive rival.

Fiona Lambert, Brand Director at George commented: 'Female customers have been asking us for their own version of the men's body sculpt t-shirt for a while so we've spent a good few months making sure we get it right. We've answered that call with the Thingo, and after a number of development stages and testing we're confident it combats problem areas while maintaining comfort and creating a sleek silhouette – getting the balance or results and wearability just right. I'm sure our customers will be 'flabberblasted' by the results."

Research shows that a significant number of women of all ages are embarrassed by their upper arm area – the new trouble spot - with over 50% of women of all ages having concern about their appearance including the amount of fat, lack of muscle tone as well as the common problem with sagging arm skin. As such, 69% of women polled admit to concealing their upper arms at all times by covering up.

For 58% of women over 50 years old, sagging skin is named as the main problem area with the upper arm, compared to 43% of women under 30 years old who simply wish their arms were slimmer. The waist and lower back area (referred to by the nation as the 'muffin top') polled high in the list of body parts that women were unhappy with too - a staggering 61% wanting to improve the shape of their torso.

The 'Thingo' decreases the circumference of the upper arm and waist area through the use of special material and design. The reinforced elastene panels provide resistant compression across the two problem areas of the torso creating a lean and toned appearance and helping to contour the female form. The top will work as outwear or underwear, and the Thingo will look good under shear tops, suits or cardigans, or as part of a pencil skirt ensemble, as well as working as underwear - the choice is yours and at £9 and it will provide an affordable fix for women's body issues.

George is confident that the Body Sculpt Control Top will hit a winning note with women - much like the male version did with men - following results showing that 53% of female shoppers would consider alternative solutions to exercise to slim their top half and improve their physiques.

Fiona Lambert, Brand Director at George added: "Men and women are asking for good value solutions to shape and firm almost every problem area without resorting to surgery. We're proud of our innovative products and will continue to design ranges to help the nation's men and women improve their body confidence in an affordable way.'

George at Asda's Body Sculpt Control Top for women will retail at £9 and will be available in store and online at George from October 30th.


Asda shoppers named the following celebrities as having the most enviable arms (listed in order):

  • Jennifer Aniston
  • Michelle Obama
  • Kate Middleton
  • Madonna
  • Victoria Beckham
  • Sarah Jessica Parker
Statistics obtained from Asda's Pulse of the Nation survey

Technical information:

Each garment is manufactured using a multi filament Polyamide Nylon along with an elastane to aid fit and comfort Various panels have been produced in key areas within the garment using different stitch lengths to give varying degrees of compression where required There is a mock rib running around the lower torso helping to smooth out any lumps and bumps and giving some support to the lower back The body of the garment has been produced using one piece on a "seam free" knitting machine The arms of the garment have been manufactured separately and are then attached to the body of the garment in a separate operation during the manufacturing process The Arms have been produced using polyamide/Elastane and variable stitch lengths giving variable compression all around the sleeves to compress the arms helping to controlling those bingo wings.

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