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March 27, 2007 10:12 ET India's Chance to Shape the Internet

Web2Corp's Indian-Centric Engine Envisions a New Role for Young, Tech-Savvy Indians

ORLANDO, FL -- (MARKET WIRE) -- March 27, 2007 -- is for Indians. Web2Corp (OTCBB: WBTO) has built an entire Web 2.0 site unlike any other, so Indians can meet online and more readily interact with each other in a setting that is designed for Indians. Drawing inspiration for some of the site's functionality from currently existing website technology, expands on those popular ideas to make something better. Web2corp has integrated our videos, blogs, classifieds, news, and auctions sites into one convenient package that is something different from what anyone has ever done before. is providing Indians with a market, a place for a dialogue, and an area to help stake out where Web 2.0 goes, for India and the world. ByIndia is creating a space for India to influence the 'net itself with a website that has value and vision that's a little different than anyone else out there. Why? Because ByIndia is for Indians.

Speaking of value, will shortly be adding value directly to India. ByIndia has been, since its launch, free of any advertising. That is to change soon, both to help make money and to help India make money. is doing this differently, though, from any other web advertisers out there as well. Unlike on other search engines or ad networks where the majority of the ad profits go overseas, go elsewhere and help out other countries' economies, will be sharing revenue on every single paisa with Indians, helping out India and contributing to our country's huge economic growth. Contributing to India is part of our business's model because ByIndia is for Indians.

ByIndia is by Indians, too. Look at the About Us page and you will see that we are in Indian-developed and Indian-run search engine and social network. Yes, we were recently purchased by an American Corporation, Web2Corp, but remains focused on our audience -- you -- even as we make changes and offer new features.

ByIndia is for you, in the end, and by you as well. Our blogs would be empty and our site abandoned if you didn't come here and keep us alive. We've worked hard to create something that will encourage a uniquely Indian presence on the web. Ashish Nandy is noted for saying that cricket is an Indian sport that was accidentally discovered by the British. As India's influence and power grows, it is possible to think of the day when someone will say that the Internet was an Indian technology discovered by the Americans. provides you with the technology that you can use to make that happen. The bowl is rolling down the pitch towards you, the Indian internet community. It's up to you to middle it out. is your tool to do just that. ByIndia is for Indians. ByIndia is for you.

About is an Indian-focused search engine and social networking site that is similar to, the gigantic Chinese search engine. It searches and indexes Indian sites, but offers a host of social networking features that does not, gaining market share in a country that is going to be the largest internet market in the next 5 to 10 years. According to Heernet Ventures, the Indian media market will grow from 9.2 billion US dollars in 2007 to 17 billion in 2012, or 766 billion INR, so the potential to start generating brand loyalty in the fastest-growing economy in the world while it is still inexpensive is very valuable. As the #1 Indian search engine and social networking site, offers advertisers clear value, both in terms of traffic and content, as it allows businesses to target the Indian market. 53% of India's population is under 30, and increasingly tech-savvy. Providing a social media opportunity for Indians, by Indians, is growing faster than any other Indian search property and is on target to dominate the market shortly.

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