August 15, 2011 09:00 ET

C2C Announces Industry First In-Place Legal Hold for Email, Including PST Files

In-Place Legal Hold Enables Potentially Relevant ESI to Be Easily Locked Down -- a Powerful Early Case Management Capability -- Without the Expense and Challenges of Traditional Collection

WESTBOROUGH, MA--(Marketwire - Aug 15, 2011) - C2C, a leading provider of email, file and messaging management solutions, today announced the release of In-Place Legal Hold, the industry's first in-place legal hold capability for email -- including PST files (also known as Outlook Archives). In-Place Legal Hold enables potentially relevant ESI to be easily locked down -- a powerful Early Case Management capability -- without the expense and challenges of collection.

With In-Place Legal Hold, all potentially relevant documents irrespective of location or state are simply found and locked into a secure repository, with all their metadata intact, ensuring that no further user action can affect the data. There is no user involvement, no concern about making current information inaccessible and no worries about altered metadata. If the eDiscovery request comes to nothing, the data is simply discarded and the systems remain as before the in-place legal hold took place.

"Email is the key evidence in more than 90 percent of litigation cases and it can be hidden in so many locations," stated Dave Hunt, CEO of C2C. "We are very excited to offer a tool to the industry that reduces costs and most importantly, reduces the risks of having so much data scattered around an organization without being under control. With sanctions for spoliation on the increase, companies need a proactive and intuitive mechanism to secure their data."

eDiscovery requests are typically not bound by data in the email archive alone, they need to include all email locations, which may make emails more difficult to find. Common problems facing an organization include:

  • Email will exist in archives, mailboxes on servers, public folders and PST files
  • PST files may exist on servers, desktops, laptops, and even home computers
  • PST files may be 'lost' to their owner or may belong to former employees, which may be relevant to a case
  • The time taken by IT to search all these locations and preserve any data can be enormous
  • When found, steps need to be taken to analyze and present only what is pertinent
  • Human errors occur when so much data has to be found and sorted

In-Place Legal Hold allows companies to search, discover and immediately ensure preservation of emails and metadata stored in any location, from laptops to mail servers to archives. "What makes this even more powerful is that the application is targeted for the non-IT professional," added Hunt.

In-Place Legal Hold has the ability to secure any email data in a Microsoft Exchange and Outlook mailbox store, Public Folder or PST file without being required to archive the data first and without needing to involve IT in the process. The non-IT professionals, such as compliance officers, records managers and legal counsel, can now pinpoint data according to a search requests. They no longer need to wait for IT to identify data, issue preservation notices, secure and collect the items. C2C Advanced Discovery Application does it automatically and bypasses the many manual processes and complex workflows of preservation and collection.

With In-Place Legal Hold, C2C's new Advanced Discovery application brings email focused Early Case Management to the eDiscovery market. Other features of the application include:

  • Early Case Assessment reports and graphs
  • Sending and tracking of preservation notices
  • Collection of data from mailboxes, PSTs and an archive
  • Basic Review including tagging and syntax highlighting
  • Ability to export data

Additional features that give added value to the IT team include advanced performance tracking and graphing through a Performance Dashboard, a new WebAdmin Console with enhanced Roles and Rights management and more PST management features including the ability to auto assign PST ownership based on customer specified criteria.

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