May 02, 2013 11:15 ET

C3: New Service Sheds Light on Electricity Wastage in the Home

CALGARY, ALBERTA--(Marketwired - May 2, 2013) - Homeowners in Alberta might not know they are wasting a lot of electricity and as a consequence are battling ever-increasing electricity bills. C3, a Calgary-based sustainability company, is delivering the Alberta Home Electricity Use Evaluation test program, with funding support from Natural Resources Canada, which sheds light on how much electricity is being wasted without homeowners even knowing it.

For the first time in Alberta, a professional service is available to homeowners to help them discover where and how they are using electricity, and as part of the test program, C3 will subsidize $150 of the cost of this service.

For years now, the EnerGuide Rating System, used extensively in the retrofit programs across the country, has been available to homeowners to evaluate what's known as building envelope--essentially, how well a home is insulated and how much a home leaks--and the mechanical systems of a home. This tells how much energy is used to heat a home and how much is used for water heating, but that is only one part of the story. This new program tells the other half of the energy story.

"C3 is pleased to conduct the Alberta Home Electricity Use Evaluation test program with the support of Natural Resources Canada," says president and CEO Simon Knight. "Energy efficiency continues to be an untapped resource in our province and a program such as this informs homeowners about opportunities for savings."

Home electricity evaluations are offered by three service organizations with certified energy advisors servicing most of the province. As part of the test program, an energy advisor visits a home and conducts an inventory of its electrical load (the energy consumption of electricity-using products). The advisor interviews the homeowner and collects a year's worth of utility bills, and then provides the homeowner with a report showing the amount of electricity used in the home, where it is used, and how their consumption compares to the average home in Canada. Most importantly, the report informs the homeowner about retrofit and behavioural opportunities to get their electricity use (and energy bills) down. Similar pilot programs in other provinces found that homeowners can expect average savings of 11% from using more energy efficient products, and 10% from lifestyle changes such as using power bars (or turning things off), using timers, ensuring equipment is properly maintained, and unplugging products or equipment not in use.

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