Farha Foundation - CA MARCHE

Farha Foundation - CA MARCHE

September 14, 2011 10:13 ET

Ca Marche 2011 Participants Reach out to the Community/The Farha Foundation asks you: Why are you Walking?

MONTREAL, QUEBEC--(Marketwire - Sept. 14, 2011) -

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1- Your name:

Helen Gillespie

2- Your profession:

Account Executive for Gillespie Munro Inc.

3- Where are you from?

Montreal, Quebec

4- Why are you walking?

I am walking in memory of my sister who passed away in 2009 at the age of 54 from AIDS. She was so shocked to find out that she was HIV positive and surprised that as a heterosexual non drug user that she could ever encounter such a disease. She was also diagnosed with lung cancer and when she began chemotherapy she quickly developed AIDS. In the last months of her life she lived in a home for AIDS patients and it touched my heart how she was cared for, free of any judgment. I believe that far too many people still believe that this could never happen to them and my sister is a prime example of how false this belief is. My sister contracted HIV during a routine blood test because her HIV-positive nurse pierced herself during the process. She subsequently got test for the disease and when both results came back positive – that she had in fact contracted the diseases- she was shocked. She had been with her partner in a relationship for 12 years, did not use drugs, and lived a very cautious life. If by participating in ÇA MARCHE, I can sensitize just ONE more person to the dangers of taking the risks associated with HIV transmission, I will have met my goal.

5- How long have you been walking with the Farha Foundation?

This is my first year.

6- Did you know Ron Farha?

Unfortunately, no.

7- What are your favourite shoes?

Christian Louboutin would be my favorite shoe with Prada being a close second.


ÇA MARCHE (camarche.ca), one of the first Farha Foundation events to emerge in 1993, is an annual walkathon of 7 kilometres, gathering thousands of persons aiming at raising funds and sensitizing the population to the HIV/AIDS cause.


The Farha Foundation is Quebec's leading fundraising organization committed to helping men, women and children living with HIV/AIDS. The events organized by the Farha Foundation also serve to raise public awareness of the AIDS pandemic.
Since 1992, the Farha Foundation has distributed over $8.3 million to 76 organizations throughout Quebec that provide care and services (housing, medication, food, palliative care, homecare, etc.), as well as AIDS prevention and education programs. An advisory committee determines which organizations the Foundation supports and ensures that the funds are put to the best possible use. To learn more about the Farha Foundation, please visit www.farha.qc.ca.

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