November 13, 2007 07:30 ET Issues Top 10 Reasons Label Printers Make Great Gifts

Label Printers: The Most Versatile Gadget on Earth?

FORT LAUDERDALE, FL--(Marketwire - November 13, 2007) - While a label printer may not be on everyone's "gotta have it" wish list, these nifty gadgets are actually an addictive luxury that, once owned, people can't seem to live without. This according to (, among the world's leading purveyors of cable, wire and equipment management solutions.

In true David Letterman fashion, below are's top 10 reasons why label printers make a great gift for the holidays, birthdays and other such occasions in lieu of more of the "same old, same old."

A label printer makes a great gift because it:

10.  Takes the mystery out of the forest of indiscernible spray bottles
     and containers underneath the sink
9.   Clarifies what toys and belongings go with what child to thwart
     sibling skirmishes
8.   Teaches kids how to sort out and put away their toys and laundry
7.   Distinguishes from afar exactly what pair of shoes are in that box on
     the top shelf of the closet
6.   Designs great return address labels and scrapbook elements, as they
     can also print fancy graphics
5.   Makes clear exactly what is on those burned CDs and DVDs 
4.   Helps identify important elements on a complicated piece of equipment
     (where's the fuel shutoff valve again?)
3.   Delineates exactly what home theater or computing cable goes with what
     device amid the tangled wiring octopus
2.   Keeps the peace... there will be no mistake of who owns that look-alike
1.   Scores romance points through strategically and unusually-placed love
     notes -- an "I heart U" label on the bathroom mirror, car window, key
     chain, and in the fridge or lunchbox can do wonders

Although Letterman certainly wouldn't approve, can't resist offering a few more reasons label printers are a fresh holiday gift idea:

--  Stakes a claim for what is rightfully yours -- keeps Joe Blow's paws
    off everyone else's food in the break room fridge
--  Makes home office filing cabinets, folders and other file systems far
    more organized and efficient
--  Eliminates the need to scribble rushed, barely legible luggage tags at
    the baggage check point
--  Makes great return address labels -- however "cute" or business-like
    the correspondence calls for
--  Any self-professed "gadget guru's" cool-stuff arsenal is simply not
    complete without one offers a wide range of label printers starting at just $7.99 along with a complete line of related supplies. Label printer options include:

--  DYMO® Label Buddy - Price $7.99

--  DYMO® Organizer Express - Price $12.99

--  DYMO LetraTag Personal LabelMakers - Price $44.95

--  DYMO LabelPoint 150 Label Printer - Price $49.99

--  DYMO LabelPoint 250 Electronic Labelmaker - Price $79.99

--  DYMO LabelPoint 350 Handheld Printer - Price $149.99

--  Brother P-Touch® PT-80 Label Printer - Price $49.95

--  Brother P-Touch® PT-1280 Electronic Labeling System - Price 59.95
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