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February 17, 2011 09:00 ET

CACS and PropellShops to Create New Income for Colleges

E-Commerce and Fulfillment Partnership Lets College Stores Add Revenue Online

SAN ANSELMO, CA--(Marketwire - February 17, 2011) - The California Association of College Stores (CACS), a leading regional trade association which provides leadership, resources and services to support its members' ability to prosper in a rapidly changing environment, has partnered with Propell Corporation (OTCBB: PROP), a leading e-commerce company providing on-demand personalized merchandise websites to colleges, schools, nonprofits and businesses, to provide the colleges CACS serves with the ability to sell personalized apparel and gifts right from their websites -- and the potential to make more money in the process.

Propell's PropellShops system lets CACS provide its college bookstore customers with the technology, tools and fulfillment services necessary to quickly create a fully functional online store. PropellShops provide an immediate revenue opportunity for underserved teams, clubs, groups and organizations at any college -- with no investment in inventory that might go unsold, no minimum order quantities and no setup charges. Items are made "on demand" -- as they are ordered -- in a matter of days for students, parents and other community members.

"New technologies have made it possible for us to create customized products on demand. This means bookstores don't have to decide ahead of time what to order. They just upload a new group's logo or other image, pick the products they want to sell, set the pricing -- and they're done," said Propell CEO Ed Bernstein. "Then the community can order at any time. We do the rest -- we make the items, ship them and share a percentage of all sales with the bookstore.

"In the past, a college bookstore would only be able to carry inventory for the items it knew -- or hoped -- would sell quickly, hoping they chose the right colors and sizes, and didn't order too few -- or too many. Since our products are made on demand, there's no inventory, and no risk. We take all the uncertainty and expense out of the process -- and bookstores now can offer dozens of items rather than just one or two designs," Bernstein said.

"By exclusively partnering with PropellShops, our bookstores now have the ability to expand well beyond their standard apparel and gift items currently stocked and sold in their shops," said Bob Anderson, Executive Director of CACS. "Adding this flexibility to our members to use allows them to target new, virtually untapped revenue streams within their individual campuses. This allows each bookstore the ability to increase revenues without adding new costs to their budgets, at a time when new revenue streams are strongly needed in the college space."

"We are fully utilizing this new online solution, and now are targeting on-campus clubs and groups that have historically purchased their customized apparel and gift items off campus," said Harry Edwards, Manager of Biola Bookstore. "We're now targeting new business through our alumni, sports teams and individual dormitories, to name a few. By doing so, we're ensuring that the bookstore remains relevant, and we anticipate that our revenues will grow, through an online solution that can be tailored for any club on campus. Our message to the school community is that ALL campus apparel and gift items can (and hopefully will) be purchased through our bookstore, no matter what the team, club or event."

In developing the PropellShops service, Propell's research showed that organizations wanted their own look, feel, taglines and logos. So unlike other companies offering on-demand merchandise online, Propell is entirely "behind the scenes." A PropellShop, while quick and easy to set up, is branded completely with the organization's name, logo and colors. "We want to help colleges, teams, clubs, and other organizations build their 'brand,' not ours," said Paul Scapatici, Propell's Executive Vice President for Business Development.

Although college apparel and merchandise constitutes a multi-billion-dollar market, historically it has required minimum orders, setup fees and long lead times. "The breakthrough with Propell is changing the rules of the game," Bernstein noted, by offering a turnkey service at no cost to its partners or those they serve with no minimum order quantities or inventories to manage.

About CACS
With over 140 store members and 135 associate members, the California Association of College Stores purpose is to lead, support, and advocate on behalf of its membership. CACS believes in the importance of integrity, professionalism, respect and trust and strives to support all members of the association. What sets CACS apart from other associations is the uniqueness of their regional focus and the desire to maintain a national scope. Also unique are the strategic alliances with the University of California Independent Stores Group, The California State University Independent Stores Group, and the Community College Stores Group. These relationships provide an important dialog that supports the association's mission. CACS is the only regional or national association that provides the acclaimed CACS Buyer's Institute.

Propell Corporation's PropellShop service is a web-based e-commerce solution that lets any organization -- whether school, nonprofit, sports team or business -- instantly create a web store offering customized apparel and gifts featuring their brand, logo or other artwork. The shop can then be embedded in the organization's web site, or provided as a standalone site. Propell's partners have complete control of their shops -- they simply upload their artwork, choose which items to sell, and set pricing. Propell does the rest -- hosting the shop, making the products, shipping them to customers, and paying the partner a share of every sale. With PropellShops, the goals are simple -- help our partners with new revenue streams and deliver customized, high quality products. For more information please log on to, email, or call (415) 480-6860.

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