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October 15, 2010 12:34 ET

CafePress Sees Four-Fold Increase in Tea Party T-Shirt Sales -- A CafePress Cultural Barometer™ Report

Tea Party Movement's Expressive T-Shirts Designs and Sales Reveal Tea Is Hot!

SAN MATEO, CA--(Marketwire - October 15, 2010) -  The Tea Party is more than a headline-grabbing political movement. It's fast becoming a dependable source of supplementary cash for both supporters and naysayers through expressive T-shirts and other gifts on CafePress

That's according to CafePress, the source for custom merchandise. The site revealed today that sales of merchandise related to the herbal-infused revolution are at an all-time high, having increased four-fold in just the last six months.

Popular tea-related tee trends on CafePress that capture the spirit of the movement include "Don't Tread On Me," and "Revolution is Brewing." Those who aren't on the boat are creating designs such as "Tea Parties are for Little Girls with Imaginary Friends" "and "No Tea For Me." 
"In April of 2009, we started seeing a notable surge of Tea Party themed products on CafePress. Since then our community has become even more engaged than ever as the Tea Party movement has gained steam, both in creating new designs and in sales," said CafePress Vice President of Marketing Amy Maniatis. "Whether they take their tea with one lump or two, we know that CafePress customers are a great indicator of what's hot -- and in this political climate it appears to be Tea."

Activity on CafePress is often seen as a barometer on public opinion. In recent months the CafePress community has been actively making, buying and selling merchandise related to Tea Party hopefuls Christine O'Donnell and Jim DeMint, and the causes they champion, such as small government, lowering taxes, and illegal immigration.

"People are proud to be anti-establishment right now. There's a concerted interest in being not a part of either [political party]," remarks CafePress shopkeeper Jim Gamble, owner of Right Wing Stuff. "People are buying things that identify specifically with the Tea Party -- as opposed to general anti-government designs." 

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