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February 26, 2008 09:00 ET

Cake Financial Launches First Real Investing Application for Facebook; Extends Social Investing Platform to Millions of People Across the Web

Facebook Members Can Join the Cake Investment Club to Track and Securely Share Real Investment Portfolios and Trading Activity Within Their Facebook Network

SAN FRANCISCO, CA--(Marketwire - February 26, 2008) - In an effort to help millions of people become better investors, Cake Financial ( today announced the Cake Investment Club for Facebook ( For the first time, Facebook members can easily and securely share real investment portfolios and trading information from their brokerage accounts with their trusted network, without revealing sensitive personal information such as net worth. In addition, Facebook members who add the Cake Investment Club application to their profile will receive daily alerts when their friends make trades.

Cake aims to create the world's largest investment community by making its portfolio and trade-sharing platform available wherever investors gather online -- whether on the Cake website, a sizeable social network like Facebook or sites such as investment forums. Today's announcement is Cake's first major move to extend its platform to millions of investors across the Web.

Investing is a proven social activity, as evidenced by the more than one million people around the world who belong to investment clubs, and the common 'cocktail party conversation.' Traditionally, these social activities have been constrained by geography and time. In other words, once the face-to-face conversations are over, so is the exchange of information. Cake is removing those barriers by giving Facebook members across the country an easy way to collaborate with their peers and incorporate investing conversations into their daily routine.

"According to a poll recently conducted on Facebook, more than 40% of the 50 million Facebook members currently invest or are interested in becoming better investors," said Steven Carpenter, founder and CEO of Cake Financial. "But until now, they haven't had an easy way to discuss real investments with their friends and family. The Cake Investment Club finally gives Facebook members the support they need to get started investing, insights into what their friends and family are actually buying and selling, and opportunities to make more informed decisions about their portfolio holdings."

The Cake Investment Club provides Facebook members with access to Cake's core functionality directly in their Facebook profile. Members can download the Cake Investment Club application and begin sharing real data directly from their brokerage accounts -- portfolio performance and recent trade activity -- within minutes. And Cake automatically updates Facebook whenever a trade is made. It's safe, secure, and Facebook members control the amount of financial information they share within their Facebook network.

Key features of the Cake Investment Club for Facebook include:

--  A complete view of a member's investment performance across
    brokerages, providing insight into how their portfolio has actually
    performed over time. This aggregate information is not available anywhere
    else, not even on leading brokerage sites.
--  Performance charts (1-day, 5-days, 30-days, 1-year, 5-years), which
    allow Facebook members to easily discuss and compare portfolio performance
    with friends.
--  News feed alerts when friends with the Cake Investment Club make
    trades -- whether buying or selling.

"There is little evidence that 'so-called' experts are any better than the rest of us at managing our investments," said Carpenter. "At Cake, we are already witnessing how providing transparency into the world of investing can give people important guidance that they wouldn't otherwise have access to. We are excited to provide this knowledge to every member of the Cake Investment Club -- to help them overcome industry shortcomings by learning from other investors who make proven, smart investment decisions."

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