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March 09, 2010 09:00 ET

Caleris Announces Top Five Tips Consumers Can Use to Achieve Their Goals When Calling Customer Service

Fastest Growing Rural-Based Business Process Outsourcing Company, Caleris, Handles Tens of Thousands of Customer Service Calls Each Month at Its Three Customer Care Centers

DES MOINES, IA--(Marketwire - March 9, 2010) -  Caleris, a business processing outsourcing company focusing on IT and technical support services, announced today five tips customers can ensure a quality customer service call experience that will result in the solution they are after. Past research and trends point to companies finding ways to improve their customer service qualities, which is still to this day a necessity, but it has not addressed how customers can also help make getting their need(s) taken care of smoother.

"The majority of Americans have had a customer service call experience that stands out in their mind including myself," said Sheldon Ohringer, CEO of Caleris. "With having years of experience in helping and educating companies on quality customer service, I believe it's important to also help customers do what they can to ensure they have a good experience with a company's product and brand when calling in for help or questions. There hasn't been a focus on this part of the equation before."

Five Tips:

  1. Have on hand any records/material regarding your inquiry
  2. Ensure you have writing material on hand to take notes
  3. Set time aside to call and work towards your solution
  4. Delay calling if you are feeling upset until you are more in control of your emotions
  5. Treat customer service how you would like to be treated: Don't yell or use abusive language

Studies show that people are attracted to happy, friendly people, thus being more willing to help them. Therefore, if individuals are upset, it's best to wait awhile before calling for customer service help. It's much easier for a customer service representative to help a customer who is tolerable, can explain themselves calmly and is understanding of the process it does take for them to help find the solution.

Also, individuals can apply the lesson learned as children: Treat customer service individuals as they would like to be treated. Every individual has feelings and is a mother, father, child, sister, brother, friend, etc. Those calling in should consider their customer service representative as a partner working with them to help achieve the goal together.

Lastly, be prepared and plan to spend time on the phone working together to identify a solution. The average customer service call can range from five to eight minutes. While companies continue to find ways for improvement, the fact is, it does take time for customer service representatives to assess the situation and then provide a solution.

Caleris is located in the U.S. and partners with companies to provide outsourcing business services fulfilled by English speaking individuals. This is just one way Caleris keeps individuals calling in at the forefront when providing quality customer service help. Caleris feels passionate about providing representatives who are easy to understand and communicate with as well as keeping jobs in America.

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