Calgary Homeless Foundation

Calgary Homeless Foundation

November 29, 2016 18:45 ET

Calgarians have the power to house the homeless

The Calgary Homeless Foundation becomes a Sponsor Energy Community Partner

CALGARY, ALBERTA--(Marketwired - Nov. 29, 2016) - This year's "Giving Tuesday" will kick off an entirely new partnership for the Calgary Homeless Foundation (CHF). Sponsor Energy, an energy retailer that sells electricity and natural gas to socially conscious consumers in Alberta, has the means to turn an ordinary, everyday purchase of electricity and gas into a tool to change the world and they're doing so one not for profit, one business, one Calgarian at a time.

The Calgary Homeless Foundation is Sponsor Energy's newest Community Partner; this partnership allows a consumer with Sponsor Energy to choose CHF as its recipient charity of choice when they power and heat their home.

"The concept of harnessing a commodity that everyone needs to use daily in order to empower our communities is brilliant," says Diana Krecsy, President & CEO of the Calgary Homeless Foundation. "We are incredibly grateful to Sponsor Energy for their partnership with us and we are looking forward to what this partnership can bring to those experiencing homelessness in our city."

Over the next three months, CHF will work with Sponsor Energy to encourage 250 homes and five businesses in Calgary to switch their power over to Sponsor Energy, while selecting CHF as their charity of choice. For the length of the three month campaign, 100% of the profits from the energy consumption from those who make the switch is donated to CHF. 50% of the profits post-campaign are donated each month after that.

"It's never too late to incorporate what matters," says Carolyn Martin, CEO of Sponsor Energy. "You can always integrate having an impact on your world and on your community, into your life. Our newest partnerships give consumers the power to house those experiencing homelessness."

Those who are interested in donating to CHF through the Sponsor Energy partnership are encouraged to contact Ben Crews, Manager, Development at the Calgary Homeless Foundation for more information.

About CHF

The Calgary Homeless Foundation is a catalyst and enabler for Systems and Service Agencies to optimize client success. CHF focuses on four strategic pillars of work; Research and Development, Community Mobilization, Funder of Outcomes and Impact, and Public and Political Will. CHF addresses gaps and identifies best practices to improve the system of care. Through mobilization of collective impact, CHF is committed to moving forward in partnership with the many homeless-serving agencies, the private sector, government partners, the faith community, other foundations and all Calgarians to end homelessness in Calgary. For more information, visit

About Sponsor Energy Inc.

Sponsor Energy Inc. was established in 2012, by CEO Carolyn Martin. Sponsor provides electricity and natural gas to residences and businesses - with 50% of energy consumption profit shared with a charity of your choice. The business model is disruptive, we firmly believe that giving back to the community is required, we are leading the way, and know you too, can use your power for good. For more information, visit or call 855-545-1160.

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