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9D International

August 19, 2011 09:00 ET

Calgary Company Helps to Re-Build 220,000 Homes in Chile

9D International welcomes delegates from the Chilean Ministry of Housing to discuss housing reconstruction in Chile

CALGARY, ALBERTA--(Marketwire - Aug. 19, 2011) - 9D International (9D), a Calgary-based company that specializes in green, affordable and sustainable housing, today will welcome a delegation of government officials from the Chilean Ministry of Housing for an exclusive product demonstration.

Michael Readwin, the founder of 9D, has been specializing in green sustainable housing solutions for over 12 years and has since developed an alternative to the traditional housing model. The 9D systems, created by Readwin, are earthquake and termite proof; hurricane, tsunami and fire resistant; energy efficient; and most importantly, affordable. The 9D foundation system significantly reduces the time and resources it takes to build a home, allowing their foundations to be produced and installed 10 times faster than traditional methods.

In light of the devastating earthquake and tsunami that hit Chile in February 2010, the homes have captured the attention of the Chilean government and prompted a visit to view a demonstration of the innovative technologies offered by 9D. Over 220,000 homes need to be re-built in Chile, which 9D will play a significant role in.

"The staggering number of homes lost in the Chilean earthquake and tsunami highlight the dire need for affordable and sustainable housing options across the globe," said Readwin. "We are honored to welcome the delegates from the Chilean Ministry of Housing and cannot wait to illustrate how 9D homes are helping to solve the world's housing crisis."

The Canadian visit, a first for many of the delegates, will welcome Mr. Eduardo Contreras Darvas, Head of Technical Division, Ministry of Housing and Urban Development; Mr. Francisco Irarrazaval Mena, Co-Head of Reconstruction Program, Ministry of Housing and Urban Development; Mr. Patricio Gongora Torreblanca, Chief of Press Department, Ministry of Housing and Urban Development; and Mr. Tomás Tagle Galilea, Chief of Staff, Ministry of Housing and Urban Development.

The presentation will take place from 10:15 -11:30 a.m. at the Sprung Structures Ltd. facilities (located in Aldersyde) and will include live demonstrations of the 9D foundation system, house assembly, fire proofing, strength, solar and water systems.

About 9D International

9D recognizes the need for affordable and sustainable housing around the world and thus created the "Global Housing Solution," which utilizes innovative building technologies available exclusively to 9D. The homes are earthquake, fire and termite proof; hurricane and tsunami resistant; and require little to no maintenance. The homes are also proven to be healthier, energy efficient, affordable and require significantly less energy to operate.

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