Jon Lord For Mayor

Jon Lord For Mayor

October 15, 2010 15:19 ET

Calgary Election: 94 Page Audit of All Mayor Candidates Backgrounds Yields Surprise Results

CALGARY, ALBERTA--(Marketwire - Oct. 15, 2010) - The Foundation for Democratic Advancement (FDA), an acclaimed organization promoting democracy worldwide has completed a 94 page in-depth audit of all candidates running for Mayor in Calgary and Lethbridge. As an independent and unbiased organization the FDA analyzed and studied backgrounds, credentials, achievements and volunteer commitments to the community for all candidates. The study also closely analyzed platform proposals for credibility and vision.

"To have such a thorough analysis done by such experienced people who then have me come out on top is incredible"Stated Mayoral Candidate, Jon Lord "Especially given that it's just me up against opponents who have the very best research and policy teams that money can buy – I heard one opponent had 8 researchers on board to help develop their solutions. That's one example of how important experience is and how I can save taxpayers money on the job – I won't need all those research teams."

The FDA made it possible so that with a glance voters can read their conclusions: see The results may be surprising to many as the top mayoral candidate that has excelled in this analysis is former Alderman and MLA Jon Lord.

"I know there are many factors involved in the rankings. One that I am not ranked on is that I am only spending about 5% of the amount of money most other candidates are. I am running on my credentials, resume and a platform of restoring ethics, integrity and trust in City Hall". Continued Lord. Calgarians can easily go to my website and find out all they want to know more about our campaign.

During Mayoral Forums Lord has stated that he is confident that he has the best overall professional credentials; political experience, proven accomplishment and volunteer commitment of any candidate in the race – and this report proves it. For many, these are the credentials that clearly are badly needed at City Hall right now.

"I am an individual of proven vision, with a good overall track record. I am confident that I will make the best Mayor given my entrepreneurial, financial and troubleshooting abilities." Concluded Lord. 

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Jon Lord's "Bold Decisions for Troubled Times " framework basis: 

Triple E City Hall – Efficient, Effective, Ethical. Don't waste people's money, make smarter decisions, do it for the right reasons. Citizens first - not City Hall. Clean up the Finances - Less talk and more action on the 12 steps to Balancing the Budget and :

Faster, smarter Snow Removal; More Sports4Calgary kids soccer fields; Changed mandate for Calgary Parking Authority; Lower Parking charges, Taxes; Yes to the Tunnel - with a plan; Yes to SW Ring Road link, with solid plan already; Employee suggestion program as job retention strategy; Declare a War on Waste and enroll citizens, employees and volunteer experts; tackle high housing costs and re-think poverty strategies; keep Enmax (audit it and lower local access taxes); Keep Race City- foster it as an economic engine for Calgary; Independent Auditor; Forensic Audits; Promote Telework/work at home options for economic development, traffic reduction, productivity increases; resolve Film Studio and Industry politics; Smarter traffic management technology and intersection audits; renew focus on long-term Crime prevention; Cut Red Tape delays ; Utilize better Provincial relations; Upgrade Smart Technologies ; Double the success rate of small business start-ups/phase out double-tax small business tax levies; Unite Council and citizens to Invest in ourselves, using some of our $850 million in reserves; straighten out the procurement policies ; create better, more affordable housing; foster cultural and arts festivals; economic development for the future.

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