Calgary Minor Soccer Association

Calgary Minor Soccer Association

March 24, 2007 11:00 ET

Calgary Minor Soccer Association: News Release

The U16 Soccer Club Nationals moves North! Edmonton and surrounding area Wins Again! Huge Loss to Calgary's Tourism and Sport Community!

CALGARY, ALBERTA--(CCNMatthews - March 24, 2007) - Calgary Minor Soccer Association:


In 2005 the Calgary Minor Soccer Association along with the Calgary Soccer Federation requested to host the Under 16 National Club Championships in Calgary. This request was accepted by the Alberta Soccer Association and the Canadian Soccer Association therefore, Calgary began planning to host this event. Over the next 2 years the Local Organizing Committee began the organization and securing of grants to make this a memorable and successful event for Calgary. It was anticipated that over 35,000 spectators would view the 600 boys' and girls' from across Canada competing and representing their province over a 6 day period. This event was expected to bring a substantial amount of tourism dollars to Calgary. The Under 16 Soccer Club Nationals were supported by: Calgary Tourism, Calgary Sport Council, City of Calgary, and the Calgary Soccer Community to host this event.


Contracts had been prepared for accommodation, transportation, and fields in order to host this event in Calgary. The Local Organizing Committee had formed committee's. Planning was well underway to make this a memorable and successful event for all. On March 12, 2007 the Calgary Minor Soccer Association and the Calgary Soccer Federation received a letter stating:

"It is with regret that the Alberta Soccer Association (ASA) must withdraw its support at this time to have the U16 Boys and Girls club nationals held in Calgary this October as originally anticipated. A high quality level of Soccer pitch (fields) is required to host such a competition. It is the view of the ASA technical staff at this time that the fields in Calgary are inadequate to host such an event."

This event will now be moved to the Edmonton Area.

Gary Steen, President of the Calgary Minor Soccer Association and Local Organizing Committee Chairman stated:

"Edmonton, Sherwood Park, and Saskatoon have better outdoor facilities than Calgary. It is a shame that we continue to lose out on hosting major competitions for soccer. I hope we can resolve this situation in the near future."


In 2004 Calgary and Edmonton tried to coordinate a joint bid in order to host the Under 20 World Cup in Alberta. Calgary lost out in this joint bid due to the lack of adequate facilities. Edmonton is hosting the Under 20 World Cup and presently, there are over 500,000 tickets sold, making this the largest single sporting event to be held in Toronto, Burnaby, Vancouver, and Edmonton. Calgary has now lost the Under 16 Nationals for 2007 due to a lack of quality fields in the city. We urge the City of Calgary Council and the City of Calgary Soccer Community to take action to remedy the situation.

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