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October 16, 2008 17:25 ET

Calgary PAI Medical Group Is Helping Women Face Alopecia and Cancer With Confidence and Dignity

CALGARY, ALBERTA--(Marketwire - Oct. 16, 2008) - There are over 30 million women in North America suffering chemotherapy related or auto immune Alopecia hair loss.

Most women participate in a daily ritual of doing their hair, makeup, putting together an appropriate outfit to present a positive image to the world. If beauty is only skin deep, why does it have such a profound effect on our self-image and how others perceive us? For many women, the effect of hair loss on their appearance is devastating. PAI Calgary has recognized a need in the Calgary community to help women face their diagnosis with dignity and renewed confidence.

PAI Calgary is the only medical multi therapeutic hair loss clinic in the Calgary Area and has been providing solutions for women suffering medical hair loss for 25 years. The women coming to the clinic, no matter the degree or type of hair loss, expressed isolation, social withdrawal and a lack of people in their lives who understood how this was affecting their self image and confidence. PAI Calgary decided they needed to do more than address the hair loss itself. They are launching Calgary's first Alopecia Support Group and HELP A FRIEND an awareness/educational campaign. PAI Calgary will be attending the upcoming Calgary Woman's Show, providing information for the Alopecia Support group, Help a Friend campaign and all the new technological advances available to women suffering from hair loss. Helping spread this message of hope and encouragement will be Marilyn Dodds, a woman who is a testament to how crucial mind, body and spirit are linked. Now a spokeswoman for Virtuesse, a national hair restoration company, this vibrant grandmother has battled cancer and subsequent Alopecia Areata. During this battle she lost her career, marriage and self esteem but managed to survive the process with strengthened resolve and valuable life lessons. "My heart was broken when I had to relinquish my ability to capture my husband's attention in a positive way. I was given no choice when cancer became my reality and then when Alopecia Areata took over... I had to accept what was now a part of me, who I was, who I had to become, I had to take control of how I perceived my loss and myself before anyone else could accept it." Marilyn is hoping to share her story and encouragement during her upcoming visit to PAI Medical Group Calgary and participation in the Woman's Show. Marilyn and PAI Calgary believe solutions, education and support can lead to changing perceptions and empowerment.

For further information about PAI Calgary, the Calgary Area Alopecia support group, Help a Friend campaign or to arrange an interview with Marilyn Dodds or Marc du Brule Clinic Director, please contact Reni du Brule.

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