Calgary Parking Authority

Calgary Parking Authority

November 19, 2015 13:00 ET

Calgary Parking Authority: Accessible Parking Awareness Day kicks off month long campaign

CALGARY, ALBERTA--(Marketwired - Nov. 19, 2015) - Today marks the first day of the Calgary Parking Authority's (CPA) 2015 accessible parking awareness campaign which aims to remind Calgarians of the importance of always leaving accessible parking stalls for motorists legally entitled to use them. Each year on the third Thursday of November the campaign kicks off with Accessible Parking Awareness Day.

"Our enforcement officers are out there searching for vehicles illegally parked in these stalls," explains General Manager Mike Derbyshire. "This isn't about our staff 'catching' people for parking in a designated stall - it's about encouraging respect for those with mobility challenges and upholding the expectation that accessible stalls are only to be used by those who have a permit."

"Accessible parking stalls provide extra space and additional ease of movement for people with physical disabilities. Without the availability of these stalls routine tasks, errands and the ability to work are even more of a challenge. Please do your part and steer clear of these stalls," explains Lauri Brunner who is with The City of Calgary's Advisory Committee on Accessibility.

The fine for parking illegally in an accessible stall or accessible loading zone is $300. If paid within 10 days the fine is reduced to $200 or is $250 if paid within 30 days. Citizens are encouraged to report illegally parked vehicles to Enforcement Services by calling 403-537-7100, option 2.

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Curb the Tickets

In May 2014, the CPA launched the Curb the Tickets initiative with support from The City of Calgary. This initiative entailed painting twenty on-street accessible stalls in the downtown core bright blue. The goal was to reduce the number of related tickets…and it's worked.

This year, from January 1 to November 16th, 3216 tickets have been issued for unauthorized parking in a designated stall. This is down from last year, which had a total of 4554 tickets issued, with 415 tickets issued in December alone.

"I'm thrilled with the results a little bit of blue paint has been able to achieve over the past year. Coupled with the posted signage, the paint has been instrumental in aiding motorists seeking out designated stalls along with those trying to avoid them," explained Derbyshire.

This is the CPA's 16th annual Accessible Parking Awareness Campaign and it will run through the end of December.

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The Calgary Parking Authority is a proud partner of The City of Calgary and is committed to managing publicly-owned on- and off-street parking facilities on The City's behalf. In addition, we manage the municipal parking enforcement program and provide parking advisory services.

Every dollar we collect that exceeds our operational costs is returned to The City of Calgary. In 2014 we returned more than $24 million to the municipal general revenue program which funds projects such as recreation centres and pathways and provides funding for community services and public safety programs. The CPA operates without using any municipal tax revenues.

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