Calgary Parking Authority

Calgary Parking Authority

October 09, 2009 14:36 ET

Calgary Parking Authority Withdraws Tickets Issued for Backing Into Stalls in Calgary Transit Lots

CPA listens to customer feedback

CALGARY, ALBERTA--(Marketwire - Oct. 9, 2009) - Effective today, the Calgary Parking Authority (CPA) will withdraw tickets issued from October 5 through October 8 for backing into parking stalls in Calgary Transit lots.

"We hear what customers are saying, and we want to give them more time to comply with the new requirements for parking in Calgary Transit lots," said Dale Fraser Calgary Parking Authority General Manager. "These tickets affected an unreasonable number of paying customers," added Fraser, "and we don't wish to penalize those people who are making reasonable efforts to pay and abide by the new parking conditions. On behalf of the Calgary Parking Authority, I apologize for any inconvenience we have caused."

The paid parking program was rolled out in Calgary Transit lots beginning in March. All lots were completed as of June 15th. Signs were posted in all Calgary Transit lots indicating that customers must park facing in only. In September, notices were placed on the windshields of vehicles backed into parking stalls in all Calgary Transit lots.

Beginning October 5, the CPA issued 449 parking tickets to parkers who backed into parking stalls in Calgary Transit lots.

"The CPA met the requirements for posted signage and went beyond by providing a warning notice to customers," said Fraser. "However, we will be taking additional steps to provide more signage and a longer compliance period to allow paying customers to adjust their parking behaviour."

Additional temporary signs will be posted in all Calgary Transit lots advising customers to park facing in only and warning them that a $50 ticket will be issued if they fail to do so.

Anyone who has already paid their parking ticket for backing into a stall in a Calgary Transit lot will automatically receive a refund.

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