Silvera for Seniors

June 11, 2012 12:18 ET

Calgary Seniors De-Bunk Myths About Aging & Get Sassy With Video Gags

CALGARY, ALBERTA--(Marketwire - June 11, 2012) -

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Core News Facts

  • Calgary-based Silvera for Seniors is taking action to change how people view aging and seniors.
  • Silvera for Seniors recently filmed a series of seniors' pranks in Calgary, which are on the Silvera for Seniors YouTube channel
  • A new 15-question survey of Silvera for Seniors residents, whose average age is 83, asks about everything from sex to technology to favourite activities, and the answers confirm many commonly held assumptions about getting old are simply myths.
  • One-third of seniors surveyed said they are still interested in sex and 56 per cent said they would date someone younger.
  • George Clooney is the top choice as the older women's top fantasy man for an intimate encounter. Other favourites included Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie, Elvis, Elizabeth Taylor and even President Obama. Thirty-seven per cent said their spouse is still their dream date.
  • Many are willing to embrace technology and are techno-savvy with 23 per cent using a computer, smart phone, IPAD/IPOD regularly and 11 per cent saying they live online or use social media, with Facebook being the most popular choice.
  • Seniors are more active than many Canadians with almost 70 per cent exercising weekly, and 19 per cent exercising daily.


Pre-Approved Quotes:

"The survey confirms what we've known all along: seniors are a vibrant, fun-loving group of people, who have so much to give back to our community," says Arlene Adamson, CEO of Silvera for Seniors. "They have a love of life, willingness to learn new things and compassion for others. Most importantly, they don't want to be belittled, forgotten or ignored. Seniors' Week is the perfect time to honour - and remember - all that seniors can give to our community. "

"Maxine Holgate, one of participants in the Sassy Seniors video clips, says "We had so much fun showing the younger folks a lighter side. The don't often think we have a sense of humour or like to have fun."

Boilerplate Statement:

Chartered as a foundation in 1962 by the Alberta government, Silvera for Seniors (formerly MCF Housing for Seniors) provides safe, affordable housing and services for lower-income seniors through a range of independent and supportive living options in Calgary. Silvera currently provides accommodation to more than 1,500 older Calgarians. It owns and/or operates 30 townhouse, apartment and cottage-style housing options throughout the city, as well as subsidized supported living lodges that provide seniors with food service, housekeeping, recreation and 24-hour non-medical monitoring.

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