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Silvera for Seniors

November 15, 2012 11:54 ET

Calgary Seniors Set a World Record on Guinness World Records Day

CALGARY, ALBERTA--(Marketwire - Nov. 15, 2012) - As people around the world scramble to set milestones for Guinness World Records Day today, more than 250 Calgary seniors are celebrating officially making their way into the record books.

Guinness World Records has officially confirmed that the 262 participants who took part in a Cane Fu demonstration at Silvera for Seniors' Aspen Community in September set the world record for most people doing a chair-based exercise.

"We did it!" cheered Sybil Levigne, 93, a waltz-loving Silvera resident who took part in the Cane Fu demonstration. "I think this is great because it helps us mentally and physically. Dancing is great exercise, too, but this is a real accomplishment.

"We are never too old to break a record - all you do is keep trying and it will come to you!"

Inspired by the teachings of Martial Arts legend Bruce Lee, Cane Fu is a low-impact activity in which participants use canes or cardboard tubes to engage in gentle movement and breathing exercises, giving them the positive effects of a good workout, without leaving their seats.

One of the world record-setters, Hazel Gehring, recently turned 98. "We need to keep these [types of] programs became it keeps my muscles working," she said. "Thankfully, I still have my health and can be an active participant."

The world-record bid on Sept. 9 was part of Silvera for Seniors' 50th anniversary celebrations marking a half-century of providing safe and affordable housing for seniors. Cane Fu is currently offered to residents of the Mobility Support Program at Silvera's Shawnessy Community. The original plan was to beat an existing record, but Guinness confirmed the seniors actually established a brand-new record.

"Setting a world record with Cane Fu is yet another way Silvera for Seniors, and our residents, are defying the stereotypes about aging," says Silvera CEO Arlene Adamson. "This recognition from Guinness World Records, coupled with the fantastic response to our Sassy Seniors comedy video series last June, just go to show how our seniors are proving that older is indeed better."

For more information, and to arrange photos and interviews with participants, contact Silvana Saccomani.


Founded in 1962, Silvera for Seniors (formerly MCF Housing for Seniors) is a non-profit provider of affordable housing for low- and moderate-income seniors in Calgary. In partnership with the City of Calgary and Province of Alberta, it manages communities in all quadrants of the city offering Independent and Supportive Living options, as well as specialty programs such as the Mobility Support Program and the Memory Care Program. For more information, visit

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