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November 09, 2007 10:00 ET

Calgary's "Green" Approach to Immigration-A Remarkable Story

CALGARY, ALBERTA--(Marketwire - Nov. 9, 2007) - Imagine if government, instead of managing from the top down giving orders, were to "work back from the end user" meaning you and me.

What a change that would be and, in fact, what a change it has been for the citizens of Calgary since it adopted the plan in order to respond to the influx of 35,000 new citizens arriving each year.

By taking a "consumer-centric" and green approach to immigration, Calgary was not only able to welcome the influx of immigrants but it saved money and manpower to boot.

"The business management system in place served Calgary 20 years ago, but now we were looking at a potential growth in construction of approx 30 percent each year. By taking a "People Cen-tric" approach instead of top down management, the new process fell into place. Great savings in time and manpower emerged. As is usually the case, the whole system approach gave us a "green edge" which turned out to be the most profitable one." Robin Auld, President, Auld & Company Management Consultants

Please take a moment to read the attached case study and call us to discuss further.

An interview can also be arranged for you with Robin Auld, a major architect of the process that drove this amazing story which has led to Calgary's winning a major national award.

Let us show you how this will be a story that will inspire changes throughout North America when cities discover that the green solution is also the most profitable one.


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