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Calienté, LLC

August 08, 2013 16:34 ET

Caliente Designs New Thermal Targets, Innovation Increases Target Life

FORT WAYNE, IN--(Marketwired - August 08, 2013) - Calienté, LLC's thermal targets feature an innovative new design, making them the most durable and realistic thermal signature training device on the market.

The new design provides a thicker, semi-self-healing target material, less prone to tearing and fracturing beyond the point of impact. By confining the damage to the contact point, Calienté targets will take 5x the number of rounds as the leading industry competitor, providing 5x the value.

Calienté thermal targets also eliminate the center power busbar, which significantly increases target life by eliminating a single point of failure located in the center mass of the target, allowing for a higher hit count while reducing cost. The resulting durability-to-price ratio makes Calienté's product the best thermal target value on the market.

Calienté's thermal targets have been designed to offer a vivid thermal image, low power consumption and multi-hit capability. They also feature safety options to mitigate the potential for electrical shorts or shock.

Field testing has shown a significant area of the thermal target can be compromised and still present a recognizable and usable thermal image. The target's realistic threat level thermal signature effectively optimizes live fire training.

Calienté thermal signature targets are built to comply with TC-25-8 Army range specifications for stationary infantry targets (SIT), or silhouettes, stationary armor targets (SAT), mobile armor targets (MIT), and mobile infantry targets (MAT). They are available as E-type silhouettes or individual thermal targets, as well as the common range of vehicular targets, including hulls, tracks, engines, turrets and wheels.

Standard thermal targets are offered in 120VAC, 120 VAC hot, and 12VDC, and can be designed and manufactured to operate at any voltage. These targets can also be customized to meet military requirements such as infantry combat identification targets (ICID) and vehicle combat identification targets (VCID), providing more realistic thermal signatures and friend/foe differentiation. 

Currently in its 13th year, Calienté, LLC is an innovative designer and manufacturer of heating, cooling and control systems. Based out of Fort Wayne, Ind., the company provides energy efficient heater pads, PTC blower heaters, thermoelectric coolers, thermal controls, assemblies and wide area sensing arrays for telecom, military, kiosk, battery and lighting customers. Calienté is an ISO9001:2008 registered company, carries UL component recognition on its products, and utilizes a worldwide network of design and supply chain partners to effectively serve the global needs of their customers.

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