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June 04, 2013 10:00 ET

Califia Lighting Eases the Transition to LED Lighting for Enclosure and Cabinet Makers

LAKE FOREST, CA--(Marketwired - Jun 4, 2013) - It's 2 a.m. and a service technician is deployed to a call center regional hub where racks of computer servers ensure round the clock communication. Among the rows and rows of server equipment he locates the unit he needs to service. He opens the cabinet door, reaches for his flashlight and puts it in his mouth holding it with his teeth so he can begin working.

It's true that LED lighting is taking the market by storm with high-profile applications, from home electronics to bridges, capturing headlines and imaginations. Yet, according to Califia Lighting, its practical applications are having an impact and improving the quality of life for thousands of individuals accessing enclosures and cabinets.

A Bivar company, Califia Lighting launched last year to bring beautiful, high-quality LED lighting to the industrial and commercial marketplace and specifically identified enclosures and cabinets as top contenders for the many benefits that come from solid state lighting. According to Califia, there are three key benefits of LED lighting: less heat output, less space consumption and much lower maintenance. But it's the additional benefits of safety and aesthetics that make a big difference to end users of enclosures and cabinets.

Califia offers UL-rated linear lighting for a range of applications including enclosures and cabinets that are ultimately used in data centers, telecommunications operations, outdoor utility and energy stations, power distribution and transportation centers. Often, these units are located in remote outdoor locations or in large server rooms without sufficient lighting. In the past, some enclosure and cabinet makers added fluorescent lighting as a 'nice to have,' but not necessary, feature. Today, enclosure and cabinet OEMs are turning to energy-efficient, maintenance-free LED lighting to not only improve the aesthetics of these units, but to enhance the safety needs of technicians servicing the equipment stored within them.

With a stable 40-year history of innovation in LED technology, Califia is helping enclosure and cabinet OEMs make the leap from outdated fluorescent, incandescent and halogen lighting to LED lighting. The Coastline linear series from Califia is designed specifically for the needs of enclosure and cabinet makers. It features a thin fixture design for when space is limited. The series also features instant-on, and Cree® high-brightness performance with a narrow beam and low profile housing. The Coastline series is also available as a kit for lighting large areas.

"Califia Lighting is known for its quality and long history in bringing high-performance products to market, but we don't stop there," said Michael Finn, general manager, Califia Lighting. "We have an extensive technology manufacturing network in place and we're now a Cree LED Solution Provider. The result is customers receive the highest quality, reliability, and streamlined costs so that the transition to LED lighting is easy and cost-effective."

It's true that many a technician has learned the fine art of servicing a unit with a flashlight in his mouth. However, Califia is committed to changing the lives of these service technicians with LED lighting that brings a safer, and more effective, work experience. The transition from no lighting, or outdated lighting, to LED lighting is simple and cost-effective and the advantages are clear. A partnership with Califia brings beautiful, customized LED lighting backed by a long-standing history in the industry, and an earned reputation for high-quality and customer satisfaction.

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Califia Lighting, a Bivar company, offers energy-efficient LED lighting solutions to companies transitioning from traditional lighting sources to solid state LED lighting. Leveraging a long-standing 40-year history of innovation in LED technology, Califia Lighting brings a range of UL Rated LED linear lighting to the industrial and commercial marketplaces. Designed for OEMs, Califia Lighting enhances workspace/display aesthetics and usability for a range of applications including enclosures/cabinets, racks, workstations and equipment. Califia Lighting solutions improve facility safety and productivity, while reducing annual energy costs. Califia Lighting's corporate headquarters are located in Lake Forest, Calif. To learn more about Califia Lighting, please visit

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