SOURCE: California Independent System Operator Corporation

California Independent System Operator Corporation

July 27, 2016 14:19 ET

California ISO Declares a Statewide Flex Alert Due to High Temperatures

FOLSOM, CA--(Marketwired - July 27, 2016) - The California Independent System Operator Corporation (ISO) is declaring a Flex Alert, a request for consumers to conserve electricity today, especially during peak demand time from 2 p.m. to 9 p.m.

Electricity supplies statewide are expected to be tight because of high summer temperatures driving up demand, power plant outages, and transmission line import capacity reductions. Power imports may be limited today because of high temperatures in neighboring states.

Consumers are urged to conserve electricity today, especially during the late afternoon when air conditioners push power consumption to the highest point of the day. Find Flex Alert tips at

Outlook for July 27, 2016 Flex Alert

High temperatures are forecast for the entire state. Energy demand is expected to be high and consumers are urged to conserve electricity until after 9 p.m.

Forecast peak demand: 45,867 megawatts between 4 p.m. - 6 p.m.

Outlook for July 28, 2016

Temperatures will continue to be hot. Conservation is important.

Outlook for July 29-30, 2016

Temperatures will continue to be hot. Conservation is important.

Flex Alerts are part of an educational alert program that informs consumers about how and when to conserve electricity.

Flex Alerts

The California ISO issues a Flex Alert when the grid is under stress to meet demand caused by generation or transmission outages, or from persistent hot temperatures.

Flex Alerts call for voluntary conservation before the ISO needs to start using energy reserves to maintain reliability.

Conserving electricity helps avoid taking further steps to balance supply and demand, which could include in the extreme, local rotating power outages.

To learn more about Flex Alerts and Stage Electrical Emergencies:

Conservation Tips

· Set thermostat at 78 or higher and turn off, if away

· Cool with fans & draw drapes

· Turn off unnecessary lights and appliances

· Use major appliances in morning or late evening

Learn more and sign up for Flex Alerts:

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The California ISO provides open and non-discriminatory access to one of the largest power grids in the world. The vast network of high-voltage transmission power lines is supported by a competitive energy market and comprehensive grid planning. Partnering with about a hundred clients, the nonprofit public benefit corporation is dedicated to the continual development and reliable operation of a modern grid that operates for the benefit of consumers. Recognizing the importance of the global climate challenge, the ISO is at the forefront of integrating renewable power and advanced technologies that will help meet a sustainable energy future efficiently and cleanly.

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