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January 16, 2007 11:12 ET

California's Green Toe, Fairview Gardens and Other Places Are Featured in the New Season of "Farmers' Almanac TV"

SAVANNAH, GA -- (MARKET WIRE) -- January 16, 2007 -- "Farmers' Almanac TV™", the nationwide magazine show that swept into the hearts and homes of both urban and rural Americans, will feature eight stories from California in its exciting new line-up for its second season on public television, which starts this month.

The series, inspired by the treasured Farmers' Almanac™, features 39 entertaining stories about people who cherish the earth's resources. It also provides timeless information about weather, gardening, natural cures and more.

"We are thoroughly excited about our California stories," said Renee Bishop, Executive Producer of "Farmers' Almanac TV." "They appear throughout the season, and showcase some unique organic farms, as well as people who practice very environmentally friendly living."

She notes that the season's line-up includes the types of hints and tips that have made the Farmers' Almanac famous for nearly 200 years. For example: How to predict the weather just by looking at the sky. The series also includes a rich collection of stories off-the-beaten-path, including the following California features:

--  Ken Brecher of Beverly Hills is an obsessive collector and lifetime
    hoarder of objects. His collection is so fascinating, that it was recently
    exhibited in the Santa Monica Museum of Art.
--  Get a glimpse into the past and the future of farming at Fairview
    Gardens, an internationally respected model for small-scale urban food
    production. It has managed to survive and thrive, even though it is
    surrounded by urban sprawl.
--  The students of Humboldt State University are taking the idea of
    "treading lighter on the earth" to a new level by teaching and practicing
    eco-friendly living.
--  Green Toe, a shoe company based in Santa Barbara, California, makes
    shoes that are all natural and good for the planet.
--  The Ecology Center in Berkeley was among the first to start a
    recycling program in the country - and now has many ideas that are
    influencing the nation's environmental strategies.
--  Gallup & Stribling Orchids, located on the Santa Barbara coast, has 48
    acres of orchid-growing capabilities. It's leading the way on how this
    popular flower is bred, grown and distributed worldwide.
--  A little over two decades ago, Drew and Myra Goodman left their
    Manhattan home and started a 2 1/2 acre raspberry farm in the Carmel Valley
    of California. They turned that swath of land into Earthbound Farm, one of
    the largest organic produce operations in the country.
--  An organic match made in heaven is found on the Tamales Bay just north
    of San Francisco, where the Straus Family Creamery produces the organic
    milk used by its friends down the road, the Cowgirl Creameries, for
    producing its well-known cheeses.
The series, which debuted in April 2006, was broadcast in more than 40 states on public television stations last year, often multiple times throughout the year.

"Last year was a great success," said Bill Chisholm, CEO/president of "Farmers' Almanac TV." "Our viewership numbers were as high as many multi-season public television shows, yet we were on air for just one season."

In fact, he said that many public television programmers have committed to running both Season Two and Season One in 2007.

This month, "Farmers' Almanac TV" started running on these California public television stations.

KCETDC        Los Angeles      Saturdays      5:00 p.m.
           -------------- -------------- --------------
KQEDL       San Francisco        Sundays      4:30 a.m.
           -------------- -------------- --------------
KIXE              Redding      Thursdays         6 p.m.
           -------------- -------------- --------------
KRCB        San Francisco        Fridays         9 p.m.
           -------------- -------------- --------------
KVIE66         Sacramento        Fridays         8 a.m.
           -------------- -------------- --------------
KTEH       San Francisco/
                 San Jose      Saturdays         5 a.m.
           -------------- -------------- --------------
KQED        San Francisco      Saturdays         8 a.m.
           -------------- -------------- --------------
KCAH           Monterey-
                 Salinas       Saturdays         5 a.m.
           -------------- -------------- --------------
KEET               Eureka      Saturdays     12:30 p.m.
           -------------- -------------- --------------
Broadcast program schedule dates and times are subject to change.

In addition, most of the video shown on "Farmers' Almanac TV" can be viewed free of charge on To watch the video, all web site visitors need is a high-speed or broadband Internet connection.

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