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January 05, 2010 12:47 ET

California's New Year's Resolution: Conserve Water

Save Our Water Releases 10 Water-Saving Tips for 2010

SACRAMENTO, CA--(Marketwire - January 5, 2010) - As the new year gets under way, water officials are calling on Californians to make water conservation a priority in 2010. With the state's water reserves low after three consecutive drought years and mandatory cuts in deliveries, state and local water managers are urging residents to start the year right with a set of "10 Water-Saving Tips for 2010."

"Although we have had some recent rains, we cannot afford to take water for granted. We hope all Californians will resolve to do their part to use less water so we can stretch our precious supplies this year," said Timothy Quinn, executive director of the Association of California Water Agencies (ACWA).

ACWA and the California Department of Water Resources joined forces last year to launch "Save Our Water," a statewide education program aimed at helping Californians conserve.

DWR reported last week that snow water content in the Sierra Nevada is 85% of normal for the date, statewide. Storage in the state's major reservoirs is low, with Lake Oroville -- the principal storage reservoir for the State Water Project -- at 29% of capacity. DWR's early estimate is that it may be able to deliver just 5% of requested State Water Project water this year to the Bay Area, San Joaquin Valley, Central Coast and Southern California.

The Save Our Water program's 10 Water-Saving Tips for 2010 include:

1.  Fix those drips. A dripping faucet can waste 20 gallons of water a day,
    while a leaking toilet can waste 90,000 gallons in a month.
2.  Shorten that shower. Cut five minutes off your shower time and save up
    to 25 gallons a day.
3.  Slow the flow. Inexpensive faucet aerators can save gallons of water
    per person every day.
4.  Turn off the tap. When brushing your teeth or shaving, turn off the tap
    and save eight gallons a day.
5.  Go low-flow. Replace your old shower head with a low-flow model and cut
    your water use by 20% or more every time you shower.
6.  Update those appliances. When it's time to update your appliances, go
    for a front-loading washing machine and a water-efficient dishwasher.
    You'll save both water and energy.
7.  Replace that water-guzzling toilet. If possible, replace your old
    toilet with a modern, water-efficient one and use about half the water
    per flush.
8.  Sweep up savings. Instead of hosing your driveway or sidewalk, use a
9.  Think beyond the lawn. Choose plants appropriate to your climate when
    you landscape. They'll need much less water.
10. Irrigate like a pro. Your lawn probably needs less water than you
    think. And your sidewalk doesn't need any.

The complete list, along with other water-saving tips and resources, can be found at for-2010/.

The Save Our Water program was launched in April 2009 by the Association of California Water Agencies and the Department of Water Resources in response to Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger's statewide drought proclamation. Patterned after the successful "Flex Your Power" public education program, the program aims to provide ongoing education for Californians about the state's water challenges and encourage greater water conservation. It is a key component of the state's effort to meet the conservation requirements in the new comprehensive water package signed into law in November 2009.

For more information about the "Save Our Water" program and ways to conserve water, visit or follow the program on Facebook or Twitter. For more information about ACWA, visit To learn more about the Department of Water Resources, visit

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