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Call Center Software Providers That Can Take Call Centers to the Next Level, Announced by

SAN FRANCISCO, CA--(Marketwired - Oct 27, 2014) - Call centers need all the reinforcement they can get to keep up with the high demands of their customers. They need innovative technology that surpasses the technology of the previous generation. They need features and services that can assist them with super-high call volumes, sales opportunities and more. has devised a list of VoIP call center software providers that offer cutting-edge technology that can change the industry. The experts used extensive studies of the features, benefits, price options, consumer reviews and expert opinions to come up with their list. The following are call center software providers that can take call centers to the next level, announced by


CorvisaCloud is one of the top VoIP call center software providers because of its high level of reliability. Another excellent quality of CorivisaCloud's services is that they have a per license offering. Call centers can obtain licenses based on the capacity of calls they have to complete. Their prices are fair, and their features are extensive. Some of the most popular features that CorvisaCloud offers are auto dialers, call recording, contact management, SMS support, computer telephony integration, open source platform and more. CorvisaCloud focuses on making customers happy so that businesses can flourish.


Avoxi offers a generous 30-day free trial of its large assortment of customer service features. Users will enjoy the rapid deployment of Avoxi features as well as 24/7 assistance from technicians if a problem arises. Furthermore, call centers will have access to astronomical features such as call monitoring, remote agent, screen POPS, quality assurance, system call back, call whisper, customer review for reports, geographic routing, queue replacement and more. Interested parties can schedule a live demo without putting forth any additional costs. The free trial makes Avoxi services quite attractive.

8x8, Inc.

The 8x8, Inc. company is popular for its speed and efficiency. The program has a super-fast setup that does not require the installation of any additional hardware. The software is capable of reaching customers all over the world, which can increase customer base and sales. The virtual contact center is so simple to use that agents hardly feel as if they are working. Furthermore, the network that the company uses is more reliable than other network in the market. Users can feel secure that HIPAA rules and CPNI compliance rules are mandated. More importantly, the 8x8, Inc. system can fit into any company's current environment.

SafeSoft Solutions

SafeSoft Solutions is on the top of the VoIP provider list because of its generously free offerings. First, it graces its clients with free incoming and outgoing calls. Next, it gives its customers a break with a free setup. Finally, the company places no obligations on anyone who uses the software. Interested parties can try the services during the free trial and see their sales grow more than 400 percent.


4PSA is a desirable call center company because it offers its customers flexibility. The company offers pay-as-you-go plans so that clients will not be tied down to any service contracts. The 4PSA company offers a VoIPNow service that tens of thousands of businesses use. It provides a long line of innovative features such as video, instant messaging, PBX, conferencing, faxing and more. Interested persons can take advantage of a free trial of the services. Additionally, agents and customers can enjoy worldwide calling.

The call center software providers on the aforementioned lists are the highest rated companies according to Voxilla is a trusted source for discovering the best products for businesses and consumers. Call center organizations will be delighted with the VoIP services that the companies in the list will provide.

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