Call Genie Inc.

Call Genie Inc.

October 20, 2008 08:38 ET

Call Genie Solution Enables Publishers to Mobilize and Localize Their Brand

Call Genie's innovative, market leading local search and advertising products deliver turnkey solution for newspaper, television and triple-play publishers offering consumers an enhanced mobile local search experience and publishers incremental local ad revenue.

BOSTON, MASSACHUSETTS--(Marketwire - Oct. 20, 2008) - Mobile Internet World -

Call Genie Inc. (TSX:GNE), a leading provider of mobile search and local advertising solutions, leveraging proven success in the Yellow Pages and Directory Assistance markets, now brings its solutions to a broader range of publishers and advertisers. As a result of a strategic corporate initiative embarked upon in the second quarter of this year, Call Genie is now bringing its groundbreaking mobile local search and advertising products to newspaper, television and triple-play publishers and is attracting both local and national brand advertisers interested in capitalizing on this newly created inventory.

According to market analysts, publishers have a desire to mobilize and localize their brand. This is in direct alignment with evolving consumer behavior, which is the result of a generation of consumers that is increasingly interacting with services while mobile. Publishers with a national or regional web footprint have been successful in attracting national brand advertisers, but are being challenged to provide inventory that is relevant for local advertisers and mobile consumers. Call Genie solutions enable these publishers to deliver both a great mobile local consumer experience and create incremental inventory that is highly relevant to new local advertisers and the publisher's existing national advertisers. Publishers can deploy integrated or point solutions from Call Genie to offer new voice and mobile data services. These new mobile service offerings provide a compelling local consumer interaction, enhance a publisher's service and, as a result, create incremental ad inventory.

"Call Genie is proud to have been a pioneer in the mobile local search and advertising market. Our experience in the Yellow Pages and Directory Assistance markets around the world has allowed us to build considerable expertise. Our culture, know-how and modular technology facilitates innovation and increases speed-to-market," said Call Genie CEO, Mike Durance. "Mobility is critical to the new markets we are now penetrating and enabling these businesses to mobilize and localize their brand is in complete alignment with evolving user behavior."

About Call Genie Inc.

Call Genie is a leading global provider of local mobile search and advertising solutions that connect ready to transact consumers directly with local merchants for local directory businesses, directory assistance services and local media publishers. Call Genie solutions offer an exceptional experience for both advertisers and consumers and are deployed in 11 countries around the world. Call Genie has been awarded the Excellence in Integrated Ad Management award by the Pelorus Group, has won the Yellow Page Association Industry Excellence Award for Marketing Innovation, the Whitaker Innovation Award, and the 118 Tracker Awards for both Technology Innovation in the UK and most recently, Outstanding Contribution to the Industry.

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