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February 03, 2015 01:00 ET

Callcredit 2014 RetailVision Report: UK High Streets Continue to Evolve as Consumers Change Their Shopping Habits

LEEDS, UNITED KINGDOM--(Marketwired - Feb. 3, 2015) - Mass market retailers are feeling the squeeze on UK high streets as the increased presence of retailers at both the 'value' and 'premium' end of the brand spectrum intensifies, according to the latest RetailVision Report unveiled today by Callcredit Information Group.

The growth of pound shops, charity shops, fast food chains and other convenience stores such as betting and coffee shops are visibly changing the high street, leaving traditional high street stores with a challenging environment.

The home of the value store* is steadily broadening its footprint and expanding into larger towns where they're becoming a regular feature on local high streets, alongside "pop-up" shops where smaller retailers are taking advantage of short-term lets.

The RetailVision 2014 report highlights that over 20 Towns in the UK have a 'value store' presence of more than 20%, with these stores making up more than 25% of all stores in Barnsley, Woolwich, Birkenhead and Nuneaton- putting these locations top in the 'value stores' ranking.

The change in consumer attitudes is reflected in the leading supermarkets Tesco, Morrisons and Sainsbury's all reporting a fall in revenues, as brands such as Aldi and Lidl continue to attract consumers by offering good quality and value for money.

At the other end of the spectrum, whilst selected Premier Shopping venues in London, factory outlets and large out of town shopping centres have the highest penetration of premium stores**, RetailVision does highlight premium "hot spots" across the UK, including Edinburgh, Manchester, Glasgow, Guildford, Cambridge and Harrogate all in the Top 25 Retail Centres based on premium brand presence.

RetailVision's brand segmentation also includes Food and Beverage (F&B) brands, an increasing feature of many new retail developments and an increasing presence on many high streets, but again potentially emphasising the polarisation of the brand offer across UK towns, and across venues with UK cities.

Chris Duley, Commercial Director - GMAP said "UK high streets and shopping venues are evolving as consumer behaviours and retail experiences change. The growth of click-and-collect, the broadening consumer appeal of both value and premium brands, shifting grocery shopping habits and the continued expansion of food and beverage outlets have all contributed to this shift".

Notes to editors

*Value Store is defined as those stores below average price (e.g - pound shops, charity shops, fast food chains)

**Premium Store is defined as above average price; tend to focus on quality and prestige over price (e.g - upmarket fashion brands)

The RetailVision 2014 is the most comprehensive yet with:

  • Increased granularity in the classification of suburban retail, to better understand the continued growth in convenience retail, with over 20,000 suburban retail clusters and convenience points identified.

  • A new categorisation of the retail core and secondary suburban and edge of town retail across the towns and cities of the UK to better understand the mix of provision and the strength of the town or city "centre".

RetailVision Rankings 2014

Ranking Retail Centre Name Retail Centre Type Retail
1 Oxford Street Premier Shopping 1,434
2 Manchester Major City Centre 910
3 Birmingham Major City Centre 849
4 Glasgow Major City Centre 813
5 Knightsbridge Premier Shopping 710
6 Liverpool Major City Centre 705
7 Westfield Stratford City Shopping Centre Large Out of Town Shopping Centre 648
8 Leeds Major City Centre 628
9 Edinburgh Major City Centre 622
10 Leicester City Centre 619
11 Nottingham Major City Centre 617
12 Westfield London Shopping Centre (White City) Large Out of Town Shopping Centre 611
13 Norwich Major City Centre 573
14 Kingston upon Thames Primary London Centre 552
15 Brighton Major City Centre 550
16 Reading City Centre 550
17 Newcastle-upon-Tyne Major City Centre 510
18 Cardiff Major City Centre 497
19 Belfast City Centre 467
20 Trafford Shopping Centre Large Out of Town Shopping Centre 459
21 Bristol City Centre 447
22 Meadowhall Shopping Centre Large Out of Town Shopping Centre 436
23 Southampton Large Town 427
24 Bluewater Shopping Centre Large Out of Town Shopping Centre 424
25 Brent Cross Shopping Centre Medium Out of Town Shopping Centre 398
26 Sheffield City Centre 387
27 Aberdeen City Centre 381
28 Chelsea Premier Shopping 381
29 Merry Hill Shopping Centre Large Out of Town Shopping Centre 373
30 Croydon Primary London Centre 365
31 Plymouth Large Town 357
32 Guildford City Centre 336
33 Bromley Primary London Centre 335
34 MetroCentre Shopping Centre Large Out of Town Shopping Centre 335
35 Cambridge Large Town 334
36 Hull City Centre 327
37 Derby City Centre 326
38 Bath City Centre 309
39 Watford Primary London Centre 282
40 Exeter City Centre 278
41 Regent Street South Premier Shopping 275
42 Milton Keynes Large Town 264
43 Covent Garden Premier Shopping 258
44 Cheltenham City Centre 250
45 Peterborough Large Town 250
46 Romford Primary London Centre 249
47 Oxford Large Town 237
48 Cribbs Causeway Shopping Centre Medium Out of Town Shopping Centre 236
49 Castlepoint Shopping Park Shopping Park 230
50 Maidstone Large Town 229

Value Store Rankings 2014

Ranking Retail Centre Name Retail Centre Type Value Stores %
1 Barnsley Large Town 26.6
2 Woolwich Secondary London Centre 26.0
3 Birkenhead Large Town 25.7
4 Nuneaton Large Town 25.6
5 Sunderland Large Town 23.7
6 Greenock Large Town 23.5
7 Halifax Large Town 23.3
8 Burton Upon Trent Large Town 22.7
9 Slough Large Town 22.4
10 Folkestone Medium Town 22.4
11 Fareham Large Town 22.1
12 Stevenage Large Town 21.9
13 Bradford Large Town 21.3
14 Wigan Large Town 21.1
15 Gloucester Large Town 21.1
16 King's Lynn Large Town 20.8
17 Chatham Large Town 20.8
18 Hereford Large Town 20.5
19 Preston Large Town 20.4
20 Hastings Large Town 20.4
21 Chesterfield Large Town 20.3
22 Stoke-on-Trent Large Town 19.9
23 Wakefield Large Town 19.6
24 Basildon Large Town 19.5
25 Scarborough Large Town 19.5

Premium Store Rankings 2014

Ranking Retail Centre Name Retail Centre Type Premium
Stores %
1 Knightsbridge Premier Shopping 54.0
2 Bicester Village Factory Outlet Large Factory Outlet 45.1
3 Bond Street Premier Shopping 32.2
4 Regent Street South Premier Shopping 30.3
5 Westfield London Shopping Centre Large Out of Town Shopping Centre 20.3
6 Chelsea Premier Shopping 18.2
7 Cheshire Oaks Designer Outlet Large Factory Outlet 17.6
8 Oxford Street Premier Shopping 17.3
9 Gloucester Quays Designer Outlet Medium Factory Outlet 16.1
10 Bluewater Shopping Centre Large Out of Town Shopping Centre 13.8
11 Ashford Designer Outlet Large Factory Outlet 13.2
12 Covent Garden Premier Shopping 13.0
13 Gunwharf Quays Factory Outlet Large Factory Outlet 13.0
14 Brent Cross Shopping Centre Medium Out of Town Shopping Centre 12.9
15 Great Western Designer Village Large Factory Outlet 12.5
16 Carnaby Street Premier Shopping 12.5
17 Guildford City Centre 11.8
18 Trafford Shopping Centre Large Out of Town Shopping Centre 11.7
19 Westfield Stratford City Shopping Centre Large Out of Town Shopping Centre 11.4
20 Edinburgh Major City Centre 10.8
21 Cambridge Large Town 10.3
22 Manchester Major City Centre 10.2
23 Harrogate Large Town 9.4
24 Cribbs Causeway Shopping Centre Medium Out of Town Shopping Centre 9.0
25 Glasgow Major City Centre 8.6

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