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Callcredit Information Group

June 04, 2013 01:00 ET

Callcredit Announces the Next Generation of UK CAMEO Classifications to Be Launched in 2013 - Including Latest Census Data

LEEDS, UNITED KINGDOM--(Marketwired - June 4, 2013) - Callcredit Information Group is pleased to announce that their market leading UK consumer classification system CAMEO will be completely re-built and re-launched including the latest census data.

The national census is still the most comprehensive and richest data-set available to the UK and therefore its inclusion in the new release of CAMEO will provide businesses with the most up-to-date geo-demographic view of the entire UK population.

CAMEO is used by marketers and analysts to assess the socio-economic and geo-demographic profiles of neighbourhoods across the world. Allowing them to segment, profile and analyse customers and markets and use this intelligence for a wide range of purposes including database marketing, customer segmentation exercises and network planning.

New modelling techniques are being used to layer intelligence from multiple levels including neighbourhood, postcode, household and individual level to provide greater discrimination and insight. The updated CAMEO classifications will also allow for this information to be updated using Callcredit's flagship consumer database, Define, which holds details of over 45 million UK consumers. This will ensure that marketers receive an accurate representation of the UK population by recognising that consumers move between categories at key life stage events such as marriage, children or a dramatic change in affluence.

The UK CAMEO Classifications are part of a suite of over 40 country classifications that segment customers across the world. 2013 has already seen the launch of CAMEO Russia, Mexico and Indonesia.

Zoe Palethorpe, Data Assets Director commented "The census is a unique and powerful dataset and we would be foolish not to use it! We always strive to use the best data available and the census data ensures that we will achieve the greatest coverage of the UK population, with the added power of Define we can verify more datasets and ensure the highest accuracy and quality of our data. There are a number of new features for CAMEO UK to be unveiled in the coming months and we are looking forwards to sharing these with our clients!"

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Callcredit Information Group's leading approach to deploying consumer information brings together experts across the fields of credit referencing, marketing services, interactive solutions and consultative analytics to provide clients with a range of innovative and effective products to discover new customers and to engage with current customers to optimise and increase profitability.

Products include award-winning fraud verification tools and database solutions to positively verify consumers, global operations to help expand businesses into new markets, digital solutions to improve the overall journey consumers make during interaction with a brand, customer handling to ensure consumer satisfaction at all levels and consumer marketing data and segmentation to improve understanding and targeting of customers and prospects.

Callcredit also offers products to assess a customer's credit risk and affordability and its experts in collections and recoveries provide tailored debt recovery and tracing tools. The company's market analysis and network planning function helps organisations develop profitable retail networks, and its tools in multi bureau, analytics and metrics work to provide fully assessed bureau data.

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