September 10, 2012 01:00 ET

Callcredit Continues to Lead the Way in ID Verification and Fraud Software

LEEDS, UNITED KINGDOM--(Marketwire - Sept. 10, 2012) - Callcredit Information Group has today (10th September 2012) gone 'live' with a significant enhancement to its already market leading ID verification and fraud software suite of products - CallValidate.

CallValidate3D enables deployment of challenge and response questions using the wide range of data held by Callcredit, including credit data, to help robustly prove a person owns their identity. A range of configurable questions can be deployed prioritised by strength of question, question type, priority order and number of question to prove the customer's identity.

The solution can be delivered as a stand-alone web service for use in call centres and face to face customer interactions, or in an integrated API solution for deployment via your web channel. CallValidate3D is delivered instantly along with the entire CallValidate suite of services to provide a market leading level of fraud protection during customer application/transactions.

John Cannon, Head of Product Strategy, Financial Crime at Callcredit said, "Today's launch of CallValidate3D is the first of a number of planned exciting innovations in our identity and fraud product suite to be launched in the near future. It firmly places Callcredit as the market leader in combined identity verification and fraud prevention solutions by delivering unrivalled customer value through the flexibility to deploy a wide range of identity and fraud checks through a single configurable interface. This versatility enables our customers to deploy the right level of checks to match their own customer acquisition and fraud prevention strategies."

CallValidate uses a combination of datasets to deliver an effective and reliable identity verification service whilst conducting a real time check against bank account and credit card provider's records at the same time. By entering the details of the customer, CallValidate checks the following:

  • ID Verification Check: Checks the identity of the individual against a range of datasets (judgements, bankruptcies, debt relief orders, electoral role etc).

  • Bank Standard Check: Account number and sort code validation.

  • Account Holder Check: Name confirmation matching an applicant's details to the named account holder at the address held by the bank.

  • Card Standard Check: Credit and Debit Card Validation confirming the card is active.

  • Card Holder Check: Name confirmation matching an applicant's details to the named account holder at the address held by the credit card provider.

  • CallValidate3D Check: Providing challenge and response questions using Callcredit's wealth of data sources such as an individual's credit report to prove their identity.

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Callcredit Information Group's leading approach to deploying consumer information brings together experts across the fields of credit referencing, marketing services, interactive solutions and consultative analytics to provide businesses and consumers with a range of innovative products and services.

In a first for UK consumers, Callcredit recently launched Noddle (, a service that offers people free access to their personal monthly credit reports for life.

Callcredit's business solutions are designed to help companies discover new customers and improve their engagement with existing customers. Products include award-winning fraud verification tools, consumer marketing data and segmentation to improve customer understanding, global operations to help expand businesses into new markets, and digital / interactive solutions.

Callcredit also offers credit risk and affordability products, bespoke debt recovery and tracing tools, and market analysis and network planning for a range of sectors.

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