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August 13, 2008 07:07 ET

Callidus Software Announces Availability of Plan Communicator to Streamline the Compensation Plan Distribution Process

New Offering Built and Delivered Natively on the Platform From

SAN JOSE, CA--(Marketwire - August 13, 2008) - Callidus Software Inc. (NASDAQ: CALD), the leader in Sales Performance Management (SPM), today announced the availability of Callidus Plan Communicator. The new solution significantly decreases the time and effort needed to obtain sales team review and approval of compensation plans. Callidus Plan Communicator eliminates manual processes for managing, auditing and tracking sales plan acceptance and frees up time and resources.

The application provides companies with a low risk, rapid on-ramp to SPM. Built and delivered on's Platform, Callidus Plan Communicator is available immediately on the AppExchange at Callidus Plan Communicator works both standalone and integrated with the Callidus TrueComp® software application.

"Managing the distribution of sales plans and tracking their timely acceptance is a critical business process," said Laura Provenza, world wide sales compensation manager at Brocade. "Callidus Plan Communicator will automate this process -- and by integrating closely with our Salesforce CRM investment, it provides us with a solution to ensure rapid pervasive use by blending plan review and approval into the sales team's every day activity and business processes."

Callidus Plan Communicator is based on's Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS). Organizations can easily deploy and use the solution with their preexisting Salesforce CRM application. Without Callidus Plan Communicator, distributing sales plans to the field is a manually intensive, time consuming process. It involves a significant amount of cycles between sales, sales operations and finance. Callidus Plan Communicator allows companies to communicate sales plans and contracts to field organizations faster and more efficiently. The application tracks sales plan changes, and monitors and records digital acceptance in real time. As a result, sales operations and finance experience reduced effort managing and tracking signoff. Sales organizations benefit by receiving compensation plans faster and by decreasing the time spent reviewing and signing the plan.

"Building Callidus Plan Communicator natively on was an easy decision," said Steve Apfelberg, senior vice president of marketing and business development at Callidus Software. "We went from application prototype to delivery in record time. Leveraging allowed us to focus on building innovative features that our customers were asking for, rather than building out new infrastructure."

"As one of our leading ISV partners, Callidus Software is again demonstrating their continued commitment to technology leadership and customer success by delivering an SPM application natively on," said Clarence So, chief marketing officer at "Callidus' rapid delivery of this new application showcases how ISV's can seize new market opportunities and develop new enterprise applications in the cloud using"

For organizations that have yet to experience Callidus Software's SPM suite, Plan Communicator provides a fully self-contained sales plan approval and acceptance application. For enterprises that already use Callidus to manage their sales performance, the product provides integration that ensures Callidus Plan Communicator sales plan documents are tightly integrated with their TrueComp system.

Callidus Plan Communicator extends an organizations' investment in Salesforce CRM because of the complete integration with The look, feel, tasks, workflows, hierarchies and reporting of the application ensures an integrated user experience with Salesforce CRM and other solutions and enables organizations to leverage their in-house Salesforce CRM skills to deploy and customize the product.

With the launch, Callidus Software strengthens the momentum it has already successfully demonstrated as the fastest growing on-demand provider in the SPM market. Callidus Software's products based on the Platform empower companies of all sizes with a fast on-ramp to a far-reaching array of sales performance management solutions. This helps drive revenue while expediting ROI.

To learn more about the solution, please view the recording of the recent Webinar titled "Blend Plan Review and Acceptance with Introducing Callidus Plan Communicator," at

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