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November 13, 2007 07:07 ET

Callidus TrueAnalytics 5.2 Offers Next Generation Analytics for Unmatched Insight Into Sales Performance

New Features Include Strong Visualization, Rich Interactive Dashboards and Powerful Management Reporting

SAN DIEGO, CA--(Marketwire - November 13, 2007) - Callidus Software Inc. (NASDAQ: CALD), the leader in Sales Performance Management (SPM), today announced its Callidus TrueAnalytics™ 5.2 software module, featuring significant new capabilities and added user benefits. The new TrueAnalytics 5.2 software further extends Callidus' sales performance management leadership with advancements including: highly interactive dashboards, new visualization capabilities, statistical analysis, and stronger self-service management reporting. Users benefit from unmatched insight into sales and incentive performance and effectiveness.

Analytics is a key component of the Callidus Software product suite. With it, the Callidus Software products are enabled to provide decision makers across finance, sales and marketing with the insight they need to evaluate and improve sales effectiveness and incentive performance.

"As a leading IT consultancy company in Life Sciences and Financial Services, HighPoint Solutions has already demonstrated the value of TrueAnalytics at a number of top organizations in these verticals. We are looking forward to deploying the market leading new capabilities of TrueAnalytics 5.2 to help our joint customers further drive sales and plan effectiveness," said Patrick Retif, executive vice president Client Solutions at HighPoint Solutions.

By enhancing the dashboard with state-of-the-art visualization and highly interactive dashboards, Callidus' goal is to provide decision makers with capabilities to easily monitor and discover key trends and variances, as well as the ability to create reports faster and more efficiently. The ability to quickly analyze and optimize sales incentive spend and rapidly deploy changes is paramount to driving revenue and a quick ROI. Callidus TrueAnalytics™ 5.2 software aims to act as an early-warning system for chief financial officers that rely on the ability to make far-reaching decisions quickly.

"We are confident that TrueAnalytics 5.2 will substantially enhance the capabilities of sales, sales operations and finance teams worldwide," said Suresh Katta, CEO at Saama Technologies, Inc. "Saama is delighted to be a part of Callidus' go-to-market strategy. As a market leader in implementing Business Intelligence and Analytics solutions, we are very excited to partner with Callidus Software in delivering superior value to their clients worldwide."

TrueAnalytics 5.2 provides packaged insights into plan effectiveness, new incentive opportunities and incentive spend optimization. It delivers the strategic control and insight necessary to effectively manage incentive performance. The software works in tandem with Callidus' TrueComp® Manager software to translate those revelations into tactical impact on plan design and implementation.

"The release of Callidus TrueAnalytics 5.2 with its new next-generation analytics offers enterprises deep insight into sales performance that will drive their organizations toward higher profitability," said Michael Graves, senior vice president of engineering at Callidus Software. "The opportunity for strategic advantage through proper management of sales and plan effectiveness is enormous, and using Callidus TrueAnalytics™ software provides companies with the critical insights to achieve it."

In sum, Callidus TrueAnalytics™ software helps executives and analysts apply increased knowledge into the overall sales operation. It answers the questions that arise with sales and incentive performance: Did our compensation plans drive the right behavior and produce the expected results? Callidus TrueAnalytics™ software unleashes the ability to discover sales trends faster by unlocking an abundance of data that can be used to steer any company towards its desired business objectives. It benefits any organization managing a sales and incentive budget while seeking to maximize sales and incentive effectiveness.

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