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November 12, 2007 07:07 ET

Callidus TrueComp 5.2 Delivers Unprecedented Performance and Flexibility

Latest Version of Flagship Product Delivers Power for Leading Organizations to Standardize on Single Instance, Easily Adapt for Mergers and Acquisitions, and Reduce Operations Costs

SAN DIEGO, CA--(Marketwire - November 12, 2007) - Callidus Software Inc. (NASDAQ: CALD), the leader in Sales Performance Management (SPM), today announced the next generation of its sales incentive management software product, TrueComp® Manager 5.2. The new version of the software provides significantly enhanced scalability, functionality and user experience. As the first solution to deliver this superior level of strategic enhancements, it enables the world's leading companies to efficiently manage their compensation process globally -- even when their compensation pay cycles are not the same. This ground-breaking ability to parallel process compensation is significant news in today's climate of increased global mergers and acquisitions, where the ability to expedite the alignment of corporate objectives with sales strategies and compensation plans during periods of transfer is paramount.

"As one of Callidus' long-standing implementation partners, we are very familiar with the entire range of their SPM products," said Jon-Michial Carter, president and COO at Iconixx. "Our staff has been trained on TrueComp 5.2 and they were very impressed with the functional and visual enhancements of this solution. Any company looking to align their corporate strategy and sales execution should consider Callidus' solutions."

With the addition of TrueComp Parallel Option to the TrueComp® Manager software solution, Callidus delivers one of the most significant enhancements in its fifth-generation, market-pioneering software. As the world has turned into a global marketplace, all leading enterprises need the ability to handle and process more data, maintain operational flexibility during business changes and meet ever increasing availability expectations. With TrueComp® 5.2, Callidus aims to deliver the only solution that makes it possible for organizations to align their businesses in different countries with a single instance of the software. In addition, organizations benefit from significantly faster processing performance, together with more cost-effective hardware utilization. This not only reduces costs but increases the availability of sales incentive reporting for the sales organization across all business units.

"We are very excited about TrueComp 5.2 because it delivers the unprecedented flexibility, scalability and lower cost of operations that organizations need in today's climate of increased global mergers and acquisitions," said Leslie Stretch, senior vice president of global sales, marketing and on-demand business at Callidus Software. "In providing companies with such options, this latest Callidus product enables enterprises of any size to gain even more value -- global organizations can standardize on a single instance, and mergers and acquisitions can seamlessly be incorporated. At the same time, deploying sales performance management becomes even more cost effective -- enabling virtually every company to take action, improve their sales effectiveness and align it with corporate strategies."

As more companies expand their operations throughout the world, the need for a multi-dimensional, flexible solution that allows for the segmenting of sales compensation data and plans is mission-critical in today's evolving economy. TrueComp 5.2 provides businesses with the option for dividing and logically grouping the subsidiaries and countries that they want to process on varying pay cycles. The direct benefits are faster processing times and a more efficient operation.

This highly significant technological breakthrough in processing also paves the way for rapid ROI -- considering that, on average, 10-12 percent of a company's gross revenue is spent on commissions and bonuses. Payment of incentive compensation is typically one of the largest items on any company's income statement. As a result, the world's leading enterprises look to Callidus' software products to uncover incentive compensation management solutions -- one area that industry experts see as an untapped opportunity for generating increased profitability.

TrueComp® Manager 5.2 is designed to bring a high degree of amenities to the variable compensation management process. The TrueComp software solution is sophisticated enough to tackle and manage the most complex compensation plans -- but simple enough to administer without heavy reliance on IT. Callidus Software solutions help to standardize the business process to keep sales teams aligned with business objectives to ensure the continued surge in revenue and profitability.

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