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November 05, 2015 08:03 ET

Calling All Writers -- Sports Information Traders Is Hiring

LOS ANGELES, CA--(Marketwired - Nov 5, 2015) - As many people involved or interested in the sports world have learned recently, the website known as "Grantland" has been shut down by ESPN. A popular site created by former ESPN writer and TV personality, Bill Simmons, it was a branch of ESPN that gave many writers a platform to discuss and speak on a variety of topics in the sports world. With Bill Simmons being let go from ESPN just last May after some differing of opinions.

ESPN was quick to deflect any accusations that this was related to their quarrel with Bill Simmons by saying the reason for Grantland's removal is that the website was not earning its keep amongst ESPN's various branches of website platforms. This news came in conjunction with ESPN announcing it was laying off 300 jobs. With a sudden influx of talented writers who were once employed as a part of Grantland's staff now searching for new jobs, one notable online sports service has stepped up to the plate to offer many of these writers a new job.

Sports Information Traders, which is a leading sports service run by nationally recognized sports handicapper Jon Price, has already reached out to many of the Grantland's dispatched writers to show interest in their services. With hundreds of writers suddenly hitting the jobless market, Jon Price, who's known to be keen on seizing any promising opportunity, which is how he makes his money through wagering and winning consistently at sports betting, realized the opportunity to strengthen his staff and his already formidable Sports Information Traders brand with some of the best writing talent available. The move has caused ripples throughout both the sports and marketing world as he's outbid many other large companies who had similar aspirations of taking advantage of ESPN's decision to cut lose so many talented writers.

While far from being the juggernaut that ESPN is in sports news reporting, Jon Price's Sports Information Traders is considered one of the biggest and most reputable online sports betting services in the country. Price just made headlines when he won over $250,000 on the Kansas City Royals with a futures bet mid-season. For curious clients he sent a picture of the bag of cash from the big win and wants to put his wagering earnings into hiring quality writers and expanding his business.

Now Price wants to see a direction for the company beyond just delivering winning picks but expanding their journalism department and making Sports Information Traders one of the most well-known sports websites online.

Jon Price sees this as the next step to making his company the Nike or even the ESPN of the sports handicapping industry. When asked to comment on his latest acquisitions, Jon said, "My company values talent and skills. To be the best, you need to work with, and be surrounded by the absolute best resources available, and we spare no expense in ensuring that we're ahead of the curve when it comes to our staff. This was a no brainer to me... Anytime ESPN wants to drop a few hundred talented writers and journalists in our laps that we think can be an asset to our company and brand, we'll be glad to take them of their hands."

With the news still echoing throughout the sports world, it still remains to be seen just how many writers Sports Information Traders will seize from ESPN's decision, and the remaining fallout which is sure to follow. There's still much more to develop from this story as both ESPN and Jon Price are still posturing, but if early signs are any indication, things will continue to get more interesting as ESPN responds to Sports Information Traders purging of their talent pool.

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