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Canadian Wildlife Federation

April 01, 2015 09:00 ET

Calling All Wildlife Champions: Join the Migration and Celebrate National Wildlife Week April 5-11

OTTAWA, ON--(Marketwired - April 01, 2015) - Canadians from coast to coast are celebrating National Wildlife Week April 5-11 with a special focus on Wild Migrations.

"Migration is one of the great wonders of nature but our wild species are struggling with the reality of habitat loss and increasing obstructions to migratory paths," said Wade Luzny, CEO and Executive Vice President of the Canadian Wildlife Federation (CWF). "It is absolutely critical that we all step up to show how much migration matters."

National Wildlife Week was established in 1947 to commemorate the achievements and contributions of Jack Miner, a conservationist often called the "father of North American conservationism." "Wild Goose Jack," as he was often referred, was one of the first conservationists to determine the migratory paths of North American birds.

This year marks the 150th anniversary of Jack Miner's birth and the public is encouraged to honour his legacy. CWF is planning key celebrations in several cities while challenging organizations, educators and individuals across the country to develop their own wild ideas. Fish, mammals, reptiles, insects and birds all migrate. Some of the more well-known migrators include Sockeye Salmon, Woodland Caribou, Leatherback Sea Turtles, Monarch Butterflies and Whooping Cranes but all species are connected and this is your opportunity to learn more. CWF's annual Walk for Wildlife campaign is launching April 10 and will continue till May 31 providing the public with the opportunity to enjoy nature and raise funds for migrating species.

Migrate to to get involved and check out events taking place in your community.

About the Canadian Wildlife Federation:
The Canadian Wildlife Federation is dedicated to fostering awareness and appreciation of our natural world. By spreading knowledge of human impacts on the environment, sponsoring research, promoting the sustainable use of natural resources, recommending legislative changes and co-operating with like-minded partners, CWF encourages a future in which Canadians can live in harmony with nature. Visit for more information.

Migration Matters! Did you know?

  • CWF is highlighting the North American migrations of 20 at-risk species through a giant floor map now travelling across the country in partnership with Canadian Geographic.
  • Over 500 species of migratory birds stop in Canada as they make their way to wintering or breeding grounds. On route they face a number of challenges including poor weather, changing climate, loss or degradation of habitat, pollution, hunting and predation.
  • North American Arctic Terns fly about 40,000 kilometers each year literally the distance around the earth.
  • Leatherback sea turtles swim about 20,000 kilometres on their annual migrations. 
  • Humpback whales have been recorded to journey 8,300 kilometres!
  • Caribou trek about 5,000 kilometres a year which is about the same distance our majestic monarchs fly.

How far will you go for wildlife?

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