July 11, 2005 09:30 ET

CallingID Announces Revolutionary Solution That Automatically Protects Users From Internet Fraud

CallingID's CEO: "Internet Scams Are a Matter of Privacy, Not Security. Only by Focusing on Privacy You Can Prevent Phishing, Pharming and Other Online Scams."

DALLAS, TX -- (MARKET WIRE) -- July 11, 2005 -- CallingID ( today announced CallingID for the Internet -- a revolutionary solution that thwarts scammers' attempts to steal users' identity and personal information while browsing the web. With CallingID users can, for the first time, protect themselves and avoid becoming victims of scam sites and other devious attempts to get them to give away personal information.

CallingID empowers users to decide before they give precious information by showing them the legitimacy of the websites they are visiting. The innovative solution displays key visual verification information about the site's ownership including its location. If any of the information is inconsistent or surprising, like a location in an unexpected country, the user should rethink his/her intention to submit personal information, such as username, password and credit card number, or to place an order from that site. If the site owner hides its identity the user is immediately warned.

"Security approaches such as blocking access to websites are ineffective solutions for Internet fraud. Only the users can decide with whom they want to deal. Therefore they must know whose sites they are accessing. Blocking sites often blocks access to legitimate sites such as their online banking website or eCommerce sites and this confuses users," said Yoram Nissenboim, CallingID CEO. "The problem demands a solution that ensures us that we submit information to the site we have in mind. This is the fundamental difference between privacy and security: CallingID doesn't block access, but instead provides the users with a simple way to see all the relevant data necessary to decide whether the site is legitimate."

A personal copy of CallingID software can be downloaded for free from Installation is fast and simple.

About CallingID

CallingID is a web privacy software company committed to providing critical information needed by its users to protect them from inadvertently submitting information to hostile websites. CallingID's approach is a natural extension of the phone-based Caller-ID services used to identify callers. CallingID's offices are located in Dallas, Texas, and the R&D team is based in Haifa, Israel.

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