February 25, 2015 08:00 ET

CALLPROMISE Expands Market, Improves Customer Satisfaction One Callback at a Time

Company Partners With Virtual Hold Technology to Provide Greater Access to Cloud-Based Virtual Queuing

RICHMOND, VA--(Marketwired - Feb 25, 2015) - CALLPROMISE, the leading provider in cloud-based callback and virtual queuing technology, announced a partnership with one of its major competitors, Akron, Ohio-based Virtual Hold Technology (VHT), to bring better solutions to all industries that rely on strong customer service to survive. The partnership aims to help businesses and call centers improve customer satisfaction by eliminating the headaches of hold music and long wait times.

Callback technology is fast becoming one of the biggest differentiators for companies that want to address waning customer satisfaction. VHT, the leader in enterprise virtual queuing and callback solutions for the past two decades, brings its expertise to CALLPROMISE to cement the company as a powerhouse in the SaaS-based virtual queuing market.

"It's no surprise businesses and consumers alike want to fix the everyday frustration that wait times bring," said Kevin Sjodin, CEO, CALLPROMISE. "The archaic process of waiting on hold has hurt organizations for decades, but companies are now recognizing that callback technology is a simple, effective way to improve customer loyalty while also protecting the bottom line. This market will undoubtedly grow exponentially in 2015, which is a big reason why two of the biggest players, CALLPROMISE and VHT, decide to join forces to capitalize on the growing consumer and corporate demand."

Through a minority investment in CALLPROMISE, VHT will have a new cloud-based callback solution that can scale to companies of all sizes. This offering will complement VHT's already popular premises-based products. The investment and ability to talk into the VHT sales channel also gives CALLPROMISE a clear path to expand into new markets.

Callback Cloud for Business from CALLPROMISE and VHT routes calls through the cloud engine where they are put in queue for callback. The call times and available agents are managed through the callback/agent interaction. With callback, companies can reduce call abandons, eliminate hold time and increase contact center efficiency.

Built on the foundation of the popular Lucyphone app, CALLPROMISE helps brands engage customers with exceptional contact experiences. Through cloud-based callback and virtual queuing, CALLPROMISE revolutionizes workforce efficiency and sets the standard for call center operations. For more information, visit or email

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