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Calyx Software

March 29, 2012 14:24 ET

Calyx Software Introduces LoanScoreCard™

Latest Addition to the Calyx Decisioning System Delivers HUD-Approved FHA TOTAL Scorecard findings

DALLAS, TX--(Marketwire - Mar 29, 2012) - Calyx Software®, the preferred mortgage solution provider for banks, credit unions, mortgage bankers and brokers, announced today the newest offering within the Calyx Decisioning Systems suite of products. LoanScoreCard provides competitively priced FHA TOTAL Scorecard access directly through Point® as well as through other loan origination systems (LOS).

The Calyx Decisioning Systems is a suite of automated underwriting and pricing products designed to help you determine a loan's eligibility and pricing within investor or FHA guidelines. Fully integrated with Point, the decisioning system saves time, reduces cost, and improves the quality of each loan's eligibility decision with a complete analysis of borrower's loan and credit information against multiple standard or custom programs.

Dennis Boggs, EVP of Business Development for Calyx Software, says, "We are proud to announce LoanScoreCard, the first universal access to FHA TOTAL Scorecard, for everyone in the mortgage industry. The beauty of LoanScoreCard is that it offers improved, user-friendly findings, and saves money on underwriting at the same time. Everyone can access to LoanScoreCard no matter what loan origination system they're using. And if they are Calyx users they can access LoanScoreCard from inside Point."

LoanScoreCard is a HUD-approved automated underwriting system (AUS) that determines a loan's eligibility for FHA insurance. We provide a detailed FHA Findings Report with decision from TOTAL and LoanScoreCard underwriting, along with set of HUD-approved messaging. LoanScoreCard is available via Calyx Point, standalone web access, or web services.

LoanScoreCard is one of few programs approved by HUD for TOTAL Scorecard and it offers the same user-friendliness with which Calyx products have always been credited. Calyx users can order their low-cost findings directly through Point and store them in the electronic document management system for transparent access at any time. LoanScoreCard is also easily accessible at and can be exported to any LOS.

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Calyx Software is the #1 provider of affordable mortgage solutions for banks, credit unions, mortgage bankers and brokers. A comprehensive system of record for lenders, PointCentral is a flexible platform that combines Point -- an easy-to-use, complete LOS with electronic document management and back-end functionality such as underwriting and secondary marketing -- with strong security, remote access and a robust business rules engine needed for workflow and compliance. The Calyx Decisioning System quickly and accurately analyzes loan data and credit history to identify deficiencies and reduce risk -- giving you the visibility you need to confidently focus your time and resources on viable loans under approvable programs. Convenient interfaces with over 200 vendors providing PPE, closing documents, compliance services and more within the Calyx Network make end-to-end processing and reporting simple and accurate. Seamless integration with online 1003 applications using WebCaster keeps bi-directional information flowing for added efficiency. Calyx Software products are designed to help mortgage professionals close more loans quickly. For more information, call (800) 362-2599 or visit