Cambridge House International Inc.

Cambridge House International Inc.

February 10, 2011 09:02 ET

Cambridge House International Inc.: Fekete to Keynote Phoenix Investment Conference

PHOENIX, ARIZONA--(Marketwire - Feb. 10, 2011) - Renowned mathematician and hard-money advocate Dr. Antal E. Fekete will keynote this year's Phoenix Investment Conference and Silver Summit Feb. 18 and 19 at the Renaissance Glendale Hotel and Spa, sponsored by Cambridge House International of Vancouver, B.C.

Professor Fekete has performed valuable work in the areas of fiscal and monetary reform, the Real Bills Doctrine, gold and silver basis, discount versus interest and the role gold still plays in the international monetary system despite having been exorcised.

Fekete is currently Professor at Large at the Intermountain Institute for Science and Applied Mathematics in Missoula, Montana and regularly speaks at conferences around the world. He is Professor Emeritus of mathematics and statistics at the Memorial University of Newfoundland, and has served as Visiting Professor at Trinity College, Dublin; Acadia University, Nova Scotia; and Princeton University, Princeton, N.J. In 1982 he was a Resident Fellow at the American Institute for Economic Research. He lives in Hungary.

He has published dozens of papers on the subjects of mathematics theory and Austrian School economics, including: The Paradox of interest revisited, 2007; Interest and Discount, 2007; Deflation: Retrospect and Prospect, 1986; Irredeemable Currency: The Destroyer of Capital, 1985; Real Linear Algebra,1985; Resumption of Gold Convertibility of The US Currency, 1984; Borrowing Short and Lending Long: Illiquidity and Credit Collapse, 1983; Signature of Partitions and Divisors, 1965; Substitution of Power Series, 1965; and Stepnumbers, 1997. Several of his articles are archived on his website.

"We are delighted that a man of Professor Fekete's stature would travel from his home in Budapest to share his insights with our conference attendees," said Cambridge House International Chairman Joe Martin.

The Phoenix Investment Conference and Silver Summit will bring investors and analysts together with junior mineral resource companies. There is no charge for on-line registration to attend the event.

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