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October 03, 2015 07:00 ET

Campaign for a Better Future

Rescue Our Wetlands will address Canadians' concerns about water, wildlife, environment

CALGARY, ALBERTA--(Marketwired - Oct. 3, 2015) - If Canada's wetlands were a political party, they should get a majority government in the upcoming federal election.

Wetlands clean our water, are critical habitat for wildlife, help mitigate climate change, provide flood and drought protection for our communities, and are perfect natural spaces for recreation and learning opportunities.

Problem is, most Canadians aren't aware about the host of valuable benefits wetlands provide to society.

Ducks Unlimited Canada (DUC) expects that the Rescue Our Wetlands campaign launched today will garner Canadians' support for wetlands: underappreciated natural resources that are being lost at an alarming rate across the country.

Every day across Canada, more than 80 acres (32 hectares) of wetlands are drained and filled in to make way for agriculture, urban sprawl, and industrial development. The loss of this vital habitat has a devastating impact on biodiversity, our economy, and on the health and safety of our communities.

"Rescue Our Wetlands is a campaign that captures the essence of what it means to be a conservationist," said DUC president Jim Couch at the official Rescue Our Wetlands launch event held today at the Bow Habitat Station in Calgary. "It's something completely personal. What it means to a birdwatcher on the B.C. coast will be different than what it means for an Alberta rancher. Vacationers who can no longer swim in their favourite lake or families whose homes have been engulfed by flood waters will all see the value in a campaign like Rescue Our Wetlands."

According to national campaign chair Bob Kozminski, "what makes this campaign unique, and what will make it a continental success like nothing we've seen before, is the fact that it will mean something to everyone. Because wetlands benefit every life. It gives us the opportunity to help people realize this - and to take action. There's no time to wait."

Rescue Our Wetlands is an ambitious, $2 billion, North America-wide campaign led by DUC in Canada together with Ducks Unlimited in the U.S. and Mexico. The campaign fundraising goal in Canada is $500 million, which will be used to fund wetland habitat conservation and restoration, effective public policy initiatives, national education programs and world‐leading wetland and waterfowl research. Rescue Our Wetlands represents the biggest contribution to conservation in Canada…and North America.

Ducks Unlimited Canada is the recognized leader in wetland conservation. A registered charity, DUC partners with government, industry, non-profit organizations and landowners to conserve wetlands that are critical to waterfowl, wildlife and the environment. Website:

Rescue Our Wetlands Backgrounder attached


Rescue Our Wetlands Continental Conservation Campaign

Canadians are increasingly concerned about the environment. We're worried about climate change, cleaning up after yet another flood, watching algae take over our lakes. We're looking for answers about our water, our health and our future. We're looking for hope.

Rescue Our Wetlands is our response to this urgent call.

Rescue Our Wetlands is an ambitious conservation and fundraising campaign led by Ducks Unlimited Canada (DUC). It will deliver habitat conservation and restoration, effective public policy, national education programs and world‐leading wetland and waterfowl research. Landowners, foundations, corporations and all levels of government are working in partnership with DUC to deliver effective conservation solutions that contribute to both environmental and economic prosperity.

WHO is leading the campaign?

  • DUC has teamed up with Ducks Unlimited organizations in Canada, the United States and Mexico to collectively conserve important habitat, invest in conservation research and promote policies that enhance critical wetlands across North America.

WHAT is the campaign all about?

  • Rescue Our Wetlands aims to change the face of conservation in North America.
  • It will deliver science‐based wetland conservation that benefits all Canadians - young and old, urban and rural.
  • The goal in Canada is to raise $500 million. Thanks to the generosity and commitment of DUC's conservation community, $284 million is already raised (as of August 31, 2015)

WHERE will support come from?

  • DUC is encouraging all Canadians who are concerned about the environment to take part.
  • In addition to financial gifts, people can support the campaign in many ways: volunteering, attending events, supporting DUC policy and education programs or conserving wetlands on their property.

WHEN is the campaign taking place?

Rescue Our Wetlands spans seven years, concluding in December 2018.

Our Rescue Plan

DUC has a plan for our Rescue Our Wetlands investments. It's based on science and backed by 77 years of experience. A comprehensive suite of conservation programs and actions will deliver a lasting impact.

Habitat conservation - From the vast boreal forest to the prairies, to the Great Lakes and our coastal regions, Rescue Our Wetlands is making a difference in the areas most important to wetlands, water, wildlife and all Canadians.

  • Prairie Pothole Region - Investment: $248 million
  • Boreal Forest - Investment: $23 million
  • Great Lakes/St. Lawrence River - Investment: $60 million
  • British Columbia - Investment: $44 million
  • Atlantic Canada - Investment: $35 million

Research - DUC will continue studying the effects of land and water changes on waterfowl and wildlife, and measuring the value of wetlands to society. Investment: $24 million

Education - In an era when children are increasingly disconnected from nature, Rescue Our Wetlands is making a strong investment in environmental education and outdoor learning. Investment: $20 million

Public policy - DUC will use science to inform federal, provincial and municipal leaders so that public policies contribute to both environmental and economic prosperity. Investment: $20 million

Ensuring a legacy - Conservation results and benefits will extend well beyond the duration of the campaign. Investment: $26 million

All-star supporting cast: Rescue Our Wetlands honorary campaign committee

They're business leaders and political influencers. They're celebrities and sports icons. They include long-time supporters as well as newcomers to the DUC community.

They're the kind of people who set examples others follow. They are the Rescue Our Wetlands honorary campaign committee:

National campaign chair: Bob Kozminski
David Bissett
Richard Bonnycastle
Ron Brenneman
Brian Burke
Derek Burney
Cassie Campbell-Pascall
Bryce Douglas
George Gosbee
Laureen Harper
Paul Hill
Fred Mannix
David Richardson
Michael Wilson

These thirteen people have a personal connection to conservation and the environment. By attending events, interacting with volunteers and providing their own advice and counsel, they're showing their commitment and encouraging others to participate as well. They invite new supporters to DUC by putting a familiar face on an important issue.

As individuals, these honorary campaign members are unique. But as DUC supporters, they look virtually identical to one another - and to the more than 110,000 people across the country who proudly wear the iconic greenhead in their hearts and on their sleeves. This is the power of Rescue Our Wetlands. Everyone has something to give. Everyone makes a difference.

It's time to make a difference. Together we can.

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