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Can Dreams Predict the Future? The Story of Chris Robinson

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Have you ever dreamed about something happening, only to have that event unfold later in reality? Have you ever thought your dreams might be predictions of what could happen in the future? There are many theories about the abilities of psychics to predict the future through their dreams.

One of the most fascinating examples of this type of phenomenon is the story of Chris Robinson, who is a British citizen who claims to have an extraordinary psychic ability involving dreams.

Chris Robinson and His Mysterious Ability

Chris Robinson was born in England in August 1951. He claims his dreams of future events began to become more frequent at the age of 10 after he underwent surgery for a cardiac issue. He was featured in an episode of a 1990s British supernatural TV show called "Strange but True." He had dreamed of a crash at an air show and then traveled to the actual air show. In his dream, the pilots had survived the crash because they had parachuted out of the planes. When he attended the show, it happened in real life. He had called the police to warn them and although they had doubted him at first, the event caused them to question whether to take him seriously or not.

The 9/11 Nightmare

After this event, he was in contact with the police and kept them informed of his foreboding dreams. Chris Robinson claims to have had a nightmare on Aug. 5, 2001, about a plane crashing into a large building in New York City. In his notes, he described being in a plane that was hijacked and then flown into two large tower blocks. He wrote about the chaos and the many people who died in the tragedy.

At the time, Chris Robinson was living in the United States to undergo precognitive experiments with Professor Gary E. Schwartz at the University of Arizona. In these experiments, he was taken to random locations throughout the area without knowing where he was heading. He predicted details from all of these locations in his dreams from the previous night.

Chris Robinson had reported the dreams to Schwartz, and since the professor was skeptical about his abilities and more focused on the study, he had not taken the nightmare seriously. When Chris Robinson returned to the U.K., he had increasingly intense dreams about the plane crashing into buildings in New York City.

He continued to record these dreams and to make drawings of the buildings. He told the police about the dreams, and on Sept. 9, 2001, he wrote a letter to the U.S. Embassy in London to warn them of a serious threat to the country. In 2002, the Secret Service took him in for further experiments. The findings have not been published.

Scientists still can't explain where this ability comes from, but the case of Chris Robinson is certainly a fascinating mystery that makes you truly wonder about the psychic power of dreams.

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