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October 18, 2010 11:00 ET

Can You Pick A Winner? New iPhone Game Lets You Discover and Invest in the Best Apps

YD Online Launches Angel's Choice, the First iPhone Game for App Discovery

SAN FRANCISCO, CA--(Marketwire - October 18, 2010) -  DiscoveryBeat -- Mobile gaming company YD Online today launched Angel's Choice, a venture capital-themed iPhone game that gives players a fun, social way to discover and download new apps.

"Finding the best apps can be a real challenge," said Dr. Hyun Oh Yoo, CEO of YD Online. "We've made a game that's both fun to play and helps you navigate through more than 250,000 choices in the app market."

With an ever-expanding number of mobile applications across multiple platforms, consumers are inundated with choices but have few reliable ways to help navigate them. Existing application recommendation services rely solely on user-generated reviews or ratings, which can be unreliable, biased and unquantifiable.

Angel's Choice, now available for free at the Apple App Store, seeks to turn this growing problem on its head and make the process of surfacing the best apps both fun and entertaining. Angel's Choice challenges players to see who has the best business insight when it comes to predicting which apps will be successful. Players of Angel's Choice invest virtual currency, called "Angel Dollars," to see their application portfolios grow.

"Angel's Choice lets the whole world see who's the smartest investor. Players invest their Angel Dollars in applications they believe show real promise, and, if they invest well, they will move up the ranks in our virtual venture capital firm, while helping to surface the best apps in the market," said Yoo.

Stop Searching. Start Playing.

Angel's Choice combines user-generated evaluations, or "investments," with validation by other players, to generate a crowd-sourced rating system. The best apps are the most heavily invested in; while apps with good potential are those invested in by the game's highest ranking Angel investors. Players with good investments get rewarded with additional Angel Dollars and get "promoted" up the ranks in the virtual VC firm.

Application and game developers will also benefit from Angel's Choice's innovative and unique approach to application discovery. "Angel's Choice will soon offer new and emerging app publishers a more democratic platform to help get their apps noticed and drive users to download," said Yoo.

To get started with Angel's Choice, users can simply type in the name of an app they are interested in, take an investment challenge or peruse applications categories filtered by "Angel Point" rankings, "Recent Investments" or "New." Users can also explore the Angel's Choice "Leaderboard" to find out which players are making the best investments and are the most reliable sources for app recommendations. Apps can be downloaded directly from Angel's Choice, and users can share their recent investment decisions on Facebook and Twitter.

YD Online announced the availability of the game at DiscoveryBeat 2010, VentureBeat's second annual app discovery conference.

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About Angel's Choice & YD Online
YD Online is a global game developer and creator of Angel's Choice, the first iPhone game for app discovery. Founded in 2000 and listed in the Korean Stock Exchange, YD Online has deep roots in community-driven games, with users across more than 80 countries. YD Online's CEO, Dr Hyun Oh Yoo, was previously CEO of SK Communications and led Cyworld, a pioneering social network, to its leadership position in Korea and spearheaded the site's US and global expansion. Part game, part discovery engine, Angel's Choice is YD Online's first mobile offering and the very first mobile game to tackle the challenge of app discovery. YD Online's US headquarters are based in Mountain View, California.