June 15, 2009 12:51 ET

Can You Save a Wet or Dry Cigar? Explains How

KINGSTON, NY--(Marketwire - June 15, 2009) - It's happened to every cigar lover at least once: a cigar becomes either wet or dried out. Can these cigars be salvaged? Well, yes and no., a leading online distributor of brand name, premium cigars from around the world, explains how these cigars can be saved.

"Depending on how long the cigar has been exposed to dry air, a dried out cigar is most often not a death sentence," said David Cagan, general manager of "Try leaving the cigar in a properly set up humidor, and after three to four weeks, give it a slight squeeze with your thumb and index finger. If it seems better, but not quite fully revived, try leaving it in the humidor a bit longer."

A wet cigar can be a more difficult problem to resolve. The wetness is not only a guaranteed magnet for mold, but it also disrupts the oils and natural effects of the tobacco. If a cigar is too wet, simply leave it in a dry environment for enough time for it to dry out to a smoke-able state. This will only be successful if the cigar has not been over-humidified for a long period of time and is not rife with mold. If the cigar has too much mold on it, it may no longer be smoke-able.

There are two kinds of mold that affect cigars: powdery white spots and green-blue mold. Powdery white spots are almost always okay, and are a sign that the place the cigars were being stored in was at optimum temperature/humidity levels. Simply rub off the powder and smoke the cigar as usual. If it is green-blue mold, action should be taken. If a small amount of mold is only on the wrapper, the cigars may still be OK to smoke. If mold is in the foot of the cigar, throw it away.

The number one way to prevent wet or dry cigars is to purchase a digital hygrometer. A well calibrated digital hygrometer used in a humidor will ensure that green-blue mold will be very unlikely to occur.

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