September 30, 2014 09:00 ET

Can Your Google Profile Hurt Your University Application? has an Answer

TORONTO, ONTARIO--(Marketwired - Sept. 30, 2014) - Did you know that 26% of university admissions officers use Facebook to learn more about students during the admissions process? Did you also know that 27% of admissions officers use Google to learn about prospective students? Meanwhile, 35% of admissions officers found information on Google or Facebook that negatively impacted prospective students' applications.

With these statistics in mind,, Canada's leading online reputation management firm, announced last week that it would begin providing reputation management solutions specifically targeted for university-bound students who want to ensure that admissions officers gain a strong impression of them when they search their names online.'s new Reputation Management for University Applicants package will include an audit of existing social media profiles for any negative or embarrassing content. Following this audit, additional social media profiles will be created that show the university-bound student in a positive light, while highlighting the student's accomplishments and interests both in and outside of school. As part of's Reputation Management for University Applicants package, articles will also be published describing the student's achievements in detail, so that admission officers can gain a clearer, more well-rounded picture of who this student is and why they should be accepted as a university applicant. It's a service package that certainly will help calm students concerned with whether your Google profile can hurt your university application.'s President, Matt Earle, explains that the time was right for this new addition to the company's roster of services, noting that "... a student's online reputation matters now more than ever. When a student is applying for university, what's said about him or her online can easily put their admission in jeopardy. If it has negative content, your Google profile can hurt your university application. This new package allows parents to be proactive about any reputation issues their child may have before they start the university application process."

The announcement of this service comes on the heels of other successful new service offerings from, including's Caselaw Globe24 removal service and the company's more general content deletion service, which ranks as the top in the industry in both speed and effectiveness. is Canada's leading online reputation management (ORM) firm. With offices headquartered in Toronto and a leadership team that boasts over 30 years of experience in marketing and search engine optimization, is a leader in providing expert reputation management solutions to its clients. distinguishes itself with its personal, one-to-one approach to reputation management and its focus on collaborating with clients to ensure that meaningful and effective reputation management solutions are consistently delivered.

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